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100% Sure i Won’t Change

10% stagnation
20% alien
30% irritation
50% if it is, is if it, it is if
100% i


Alien Origin – Shenel Document Revealed

Shenel – proposal for the naming of a word containing others within its two outer letters.
The name derives from combining (blending or portmanteau) the first three letters of shell and last three of kernel, as in nut. The beginning also, inadvertently on my conscious part, connotates femininity through the pronoun she; that retrospectively made me think the shenel words also resemble a pregnant female carrying a smaller entity. Introspectively, apologies to females if you think I should have thought about you before nuts!
As with most nuts and pregnancies, there is usually one within the outer, but sometimes there are twins, or more. Also, as there are classic shaped nuts, or wonky ones, the shenel can be a classic, such as a kernel word filling all the letters between the shell’s outer ones, or an imperfect one, like the wonky range of fruit and vegetables now featured in supermarkets.
I later researched my concise dictionary, like the PhD graduate I am, and found hundreds of examples.

Is it worth proceeding further? Are you interested in more shenels?

The Future is Fur-Free: Fungi February (Funguary?)

…to have been a mushroom coated in honey ale eaten by an angel –
agaric astronaut flying eternal
beautiful mind sweet dreams…

The above sweet words were fitted into a colourful post theme on my Facebook page, following on from the intentional self-parody (I think this kind of comedy is fun really, and funnier than cracking endless jokes, but that’s just me, and my fondness for sitcomery!):
‘I’m not a fun guy, more like fungi!:
cerebrity rather than celebrity!!:
since re-routing/rooting my cerebral cortex to the universal network via the world wide web!!!’

The above were inspired by this: Fungi history article.

It’s highlights for me were these words:“If you put fungi and green algae together in a liquid, after a couple of weeks, they’ll form some kind of [cooperative] relationship together,” Bonneville says. And this image:

Brain Chemicals Explanation for Introspection

Today I was inspired by a BBC film on the brain chemicals explanation why some people are intrinsically extrovert or introvert, linking back to my thoughts about me being more fungi than fun!:

‘Scientific brain chemicals explanation for extroversion and introversion makes sense: dopamine and acetylcholine. Society used to think extroverts could ‘be quiet’, and introverts ‘snap out of it’, but science says:
introverts overload easily on dopamine, soon needing a break to recover, and thrive on acetylcholine, which is triggered by focusing and concentrating, like while creating arts, making them feel relaxed, alert and content:
Acetylcholine barely registers with extroverts, who seek more and more dopamine!’

So, for those who think I’m ‘weird’, I’m just a probably more introvert than extrovert writer; enjoying my acetylcholine chemicals; writing about similar things to the BBC!

Lie within Believe Great Example of Shenel

To be-lie-ve agnostically
is always to remember
most likely current option
could be proved wrong
sometime in the future.

Believe is a good example of a perfect (same number of letters each side of inside word) shenel (word with another inside, like a nut’s shell and kernel I invented, without naming it after myself) with related words on outside and inside.

See the source image

For more pre-shenel wordplay:


Tree-Hugging Sun Photos, UFO-Shaped Light Haloes

greenYgrey fans can probably see gYg,
especially in the sky earth symbiology,
sunlight and photosynthesising tree,
original returned or baby or three,
or trick of the light photo technology?

The outer ring seems to be PinkyOrangePurple (well pinky anyway!) in the first too, for new POP age fans, fitting in with the POP following on from the greenYgrey core gYgPOP evolution!

Books of Yesteryear for the Discerning Cur; recursive?

Moonday Poem for Pagans

Grilled tomato smoke
wafted greyer than air
as sunlight broke
through window to evoke
before Venus rose
a female soprano voice
emitted from the TV
triggering thought energy
in my brain synergy
the power of three…

to be remembered
half the day later
after seeing Venus
now bright in night
clear as day, as they did say
above new crescent moon.

27 Jan. The Moon returns to the evening sky and appears just 6o from brilliant Venus in the west after sunset. Today, the planet Neptune is less than 0.25 degrees north of Venus. If you have a telescope, try to see these two worlds in a single field of view. As January ends, Venus rises nearly 3.5 hours after the Sun and reaches well above the western horizon at sunset. Other than the Moon or Sun, it’s the brightest thing in the sky.

The Night Sky This Month

If you liked that poem you’ll probably love some in this: