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Green and Grey Separate, but Vow ‘We’ll Meet Again’

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Sorry we haven’t been able to bring you your weekly Werewolf of Oz recently, but we were operating a secret mission to try and find Andy Wolfhol. We had a tip-off that he’d been sighted in the north, but  when we returned to the blog from our travel quest we found a postcard with ol’ Wolfhol’s distinctive and almost certainly impossible to forge signature suggesting he is somewhere southerly.

I hope you enjoyed the last thrilling episode of Werewolf of Oz, when MiMo Moby helped save the day and I was reunited with myself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last, and this episode is a bit of a tearjerker; although that wasn’t to last either, and we’re now back together of course. Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away, so on with the Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps show.

werewolf of oz book cover

P.S. I also noticed that I had included Ant n’ Dec as a reference in this chapter rather than the first one they appeared in, so was getting ahead of myself when I added it afterwards in the last episode posting on this site. I remembered thinking of it, but thought I’d decided not to include it!


Green leaf
Green leaf (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Green and I were reunited once more into the Greenygrey; and Bonzo, Elle and Angry were excited to meet us together. When everything calmed down, we/I (Greenygrey!) cooked up a Bass Strait brunch for the whole bunch, and we discussed the previous day’s exciting events.

Bonzo said he’d been asleep when all the excitement happened; he’d been that dog-tired! Elle said Angry’d suggested she rush up and grab our assailant around the neck. I thought it was a good use of Angry’s mind, and Elle’s body; they certainly seemed to be getting their confidence back in those areas.

We all hoped MiMo Moby would survive the deadly duel, and wondered if we would see him again on our journey. My hat seemed to glow when we talked about MiMo. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Dai n’ Dec; we hoped they were safe somewhere.

Green for Pastures New 

Green curl
Green curl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

At the end of the meal we, Green and I, unfortunately had to announce that we would be parting again. The others were disappointed, but the Greenygrey world needed Green, and I thought I should conclude this quest on my own.

Green shapeshifted into an albatross for the long journey back to the Greenygrey world. We climbed to the top of the mast to wave it off, singing Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll meet again.’

As Green albatross reached the horizon it looked back, did a roll, and tipped its wings; before disappearing from view into the azure.



Cover of "We'll Meet Again: Very Best of ...
Cover via Amazon

Vera Lynn and song (We’ll Meet Again).
Ant n’ Dec? (entertainers).


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Comedy-Fantasy Thrilling Battle Below the Sea

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Although Greenygrey literature classicists might choose other episodes of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps as the finest piece of poetry and prose in Grey’s epic comedy-fantasy travel quest, today’s episode is my favourite.

The Time Crocodile
The Time Crocodile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I wasn’t the current me at the time of course, and that might give you a clue as to why it’s my favourite. I don’t want to spoil the thrilling episode for you, so on with the show:


Deeper and deeper we did descends,
down to the lair of the sharpest biting bends.

But the crocodile lost its glinting glare,
as a ghostly apparition increased the scare.

My fear turned to joy as it became clear,
the newcomer was nothing to beware.

Siamese crocodile, crocodiles often sleep with...
Siamese crocodile. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was MiMo Moby swimming our way,
hopefully just in time to save the day.

The crocodile at once lost interest in us,
as its nemesis joined the rumpus.

Then Elle shot out from below deck,
and grabbed the crocodile’s slippery neck.

They grappled amidst the ocean ripples,
like drunken sailors after too many tipples.

And then I couldn’t believe my eyes,
as a green kingfisher showed enterprise.

It flapped its wings under the crocodile’s thighs,
making it change into a form we could recognise.

The two monotheists were together as if in sleep,
as the mild dragged the monotonous farther deep.

Female Green Kingfisher at Tortuguero, Costa R...
Female Green Kingfisher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We managed to control the ship’s direction,
navigating north to the sun’s reflection.

Back on the surface I did jump with joy,
as the kingfisher shapeshifted into the real McCoy.

It was my other half Green; reunited at last,
we hugged so hard to the top of the mast.

werewolf of oz book cover

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Sea Shanty Introduces Tasmania – Australia Island Hopping Fantasy

Ship of fools
threadless spools
characters elect
reassuringly imperfect
on deck of rum luck rules.

One Perfect Sea
One Perfect Sea (Photo credit: nosha)

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, travel-writer correspondent at the Greenygrey. I asked to introduce today’s blog, which I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to read is the midweek episode of fantasy comedy classic Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

As my human parallel Jack Kerouac‘s first novel was based on his time at sea, I was excited about the maritime meanderings developing in the travel tale. It inspired the above poem, which would probably have fitted quite nicely into the book!

Greece, Athens, Dionysus theater, seen from th...
Greece, Athens, Dionysus theater, seen from the Acropolis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In today’s episode the Werewolf of Ozzers meet another candidate for the funniest character Grey met on its epic solo Ozyssey, as Captain Dec O’ Rum introduces his shipmate. Bon Voyage!


We sailed up Bass Strait. I could hear a low thumping noise below the waves that sounded fishy.

Dai ‘on the Seas’ not Dionysus

8783 - St Petersburg - Hermitage - Dionysus
8783 – St Petersburg – Hermitage – Dionysus (Photo credit: thisisbossi)

I’d thought there was only Captain Dec O’ Rum on board, but then he called down to somebody below deck.  A few minutes later, a man emerged with a bottle of wine in each hand. His sleeves were rolled up, and shirt buttons undone; showing several female-image tattoos on his arms and chest.

‘Hello butty,’ he said to Captain Dec, ‘anything I can do for you, like.’

Captain Dec replied that he wanted to introduce him to us. After telling him our names, Dec introduced the wine and women loving salty dog as Dai ‘on the Seas’. We had a nice chat, and Dai said he had acquired his nickname to differentiate him from his two best friends back home, a pilot now known as Dai ‘in the air’ and a farmer called Dai ‘of the land’.

Island Hopping

English: Tin Kettle Island in the Furneaux Gro...
English: Tin Kettle Island in the Furneaux Group Tasmania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We stopped for a drink on Cape Barren Island, but it was completely dry. So we continued north to Tin Kettle Island, where we had a lovely home-brewed mug of Aussie tea.

It was getting late when we left, but Bonzo really wanted to visit Little Dog Island, so Dec said we could spend an hour or three there.

Ringo's Long Lost Sister - Memorial Day Weeken...
Ringo’s Long Lost Sister – Memorial Day Weekend, Veteran’s Park, Klamath Falls, Oregon (Photo credit: ex_magician)

Bonzo had been barking up the right tree with his choice, as it was wonderful on the island; afterwards, I thought it was ruff luck we didn’t also have time to visit Great Dog Island.

Sail Through Sister

As we sailed up the east coast of Flinders Island, Elle wanted to check out the Sister Islands. So we landed. The island was full of sisters, but Elle didn’t recognise any.

We continued sailing north, and had a merry night singing sea shanties under the Southern Cross.



The Southern Cross is the most famous stars shape visible in the southern night sky. It is part of the Crux constellation.
Dionysus was the Greek god of nature and wine.
Cape Barren Island, Tin Kettle Island, Little Dog Island, Great Dog Island, Flinders Island, Sister Islands and The Sister Islands Conservation Area are all real places between Tasmania and Victoria.

werewolf of oz book cover

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