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Investigative Journalism: Rich Hall Documentary UFO Disappointment

As a Rich Hall fan and UFOlogist, I was excited to hear him unquestioningly state that a UFOlogist, Dr. King, had revealed the  Mayak nuclear explosion in the summer of 1958, nearly twenty years before it was officially declared by the Soviet Union (1.10 in the video).

Hall has always seemed very questioning and criticising, putting himself out there on the edge of controversy, to criticise everything, including his own country the most!

So I thought that gave it more veracity. If it was just a King disciple who’d said it, I’d have questioned it straight away.

That’s also a lesson to everybody, not to trust anybody entirely; even those you trust the most!

Providing Doubt to Dr. King Claim

However, after reading more about King the last week, and relating to some of his thoughts and teachings, yesterday I found an article on sobify about Mayak saying it was reported in the Western press in the spring: ‘Although vague reports of a “catastrophic accident” causing “radioactive fallout over the Soviet and many neighbouring states” began appearing in the western press between 13 and 14 April 1958, it was only in 1976 that Zhores Medvedev made the nature and extent of the disaster known to the world.’ (sobify (.com))

I don’t know if King heard those media reports, or if he was in contact with Aetherius as he claimed, but it does create doubt, and I’d have thought Hall would’ve included that, as the diligent funny cynic he seems.

Aetherius X-File

I wanted to believe, because I like the subject, and like Hall’s documentaries, and what King was claiming, and who he was (someone from my demographic pushing himself to the extreme).

My books were written with the same kind of questioning and edited detail above, learnt over a decade of higher education, spent on the edges of critical theory, pushing the boundaries of the system to the right and left!:

AAW Autumn Special: Maths Fashion Football for Socrates Fans

Receiving a like from a lovely fashion blogger reminded me of Stacey Dooley’s investigation into the fashion industry. While there was a lot of bad news in the programme, I was delighted that fashion influencer, Niomi Price, was inspired to cut down on her consuming, and try to persuade her many followers; now I know where AAW hang out… instead of here!; to do the same. I’m glad to say the greenYgrey was right behind Niomi Price as she met Stacey Dooley to see the results of her investigation into fashion pollution:

Maybe Niomi Price can be the autumn AAW after Pernille Harder has done a great job since the summer, including knocking in a brace for Wolfsburg Women in the first leg of the European Cup quarter-final v Athletico Madrid:

Maths Mixed Up: Good for Socrates Followers

Hannah Fry’s documentary trilogy into Maths had a great greenYgrey introduction to the last quarter hour of the series:

Photosynthesis is dear to the greenYgrey heart, with the sight of sun meeting leaves one of my favourites in nature. But as a non-science (more nonsense!) doctor of philosophy I’m only just learning about it really, so was glad to see Prof. Olaya-Castro explaining that even she and top scientists don’t understand the process yet, and that it is more about quantum mechanics.

And good for Socrates followers like me, especially his assertion that the wisest people are those who know they know little, 2500 years after his life, Hannah Fry concluded that she thinks there are two scientific truths leading parallel lives in our world: the human maths such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and the quantum mechanics world that is beyond it, and doesn’t behave as Einstein predicted.

While I disagree with the BBC a lot, they are the providers of most of my documentaries, although I think I have learnt a lot more about controversial theories (space and history) from other channels, such as Quest and Yesterday.

It is also a little hypocritical of me to criticise fashion while being a book writer, but I do and will try and cover it by contributing to charities such as the Woodland Trust. When I started the greenYgrey it was mainly for charitable reasons, although I didn’t want the pressure and responsibility of being a non-profit. The same still holds true, although there seems a neverending human tide of misery and pollution, and there doesn’t seem much hope of limiting it in the future… big new plans for more roads and housing in the south-east this morning isn’t going to help things!

Escape with the greenYgrey, and I’ll continue having my say, and to charity pay… the (Niomi) Price is right

Poem Inspired by Ancient Britain Stone Circle Culture Documentary

 Map of Stenness, Orkney : Sigurd Towrie
Marc Latham hadn’t planned any new Folding Mirror poems this week, and wanted to focus on other writing work, but Suzi Quatro’s Search for Jim Morrison inspired a poem yesterday, and Neil Oliver‘s History of Ancient Britain documentary last night (http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b01971gm/, available until 10:04PM Sun, 8 Jan 2012 in the UK; don’t know about any other availability) had an exciting archaeological find in Orkney that seemed perfect for a Folding Mirror poem.  As the documentary is only available this week it was thought that a quick publishing was needed.  Sorry if it’s a poetry overload so soon after the holidays!

Spiritual Portal found between Ring of Brodgar and Stones of Stenness

The Ring of Brodgar and the Stones of Stenness have long been fascinating attractions on Orkney, off the north-east coast of Scotland.  An archaeological dig between the two circles, called the Ness of Brodgar, has now found a large temple complex, which they think was a portal on a procession route from the Land of the Living – Stones of Stenness to the Land of the Dead – Ring of Brodgar.
It is thought that there was a similar relationship between Stonehenge and the nearby Durrington Walls, with a procession route between the two via the River Avon.
It is believed that the Ness of Brodgar was destroyed when the Bronze Age brought a new political and religious system, and the inhabitants lost faith with the old Stone Age rituals.
The poem is structured in line with the order of the ancient procession rather than geographically; as shown in the above map on the Orkney Jar website, the Ring of Brodgar is north of the Stones of Stenness.  Here’s the poem:
When Life Looked into the Mirror of Death
Land of the Living
Stones of Stenness
carefully crafted circle
spiritual lea
pathway between sea
Ness of Brodgar, purifying portal
respecting ancient lessons
pathway processions
alms around ancestors
Ring of Brodgar
Land of the Dead
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk).