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No More Grey Areas: Upgraded to Greenygrey

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Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, word expert at the Greenygrey.

I’ve been thinking more about defining the greenygrey,
for future posterity,
and it’s place in the human dictionary.

It seems to me as if greenygrey, as a word, is somewhere between a grey area and a two-sided argument.

The Grey half of the Greenygrey is most definitely a Grey area, while combined with Green it is two-sided.

In this blog I will be analysing and discussing the ‘grey area’; and putting forward a hypothesis that the grey area should have its status upgraded to a ‘greenygrey area’.

This is indeed a paradigm shift in the ‘grey area’ field, so I do not expect my theory to be accepted straight away.  Further research may be needed.

Grey Area Definition

The Free Online Dictionary, available from the latter two links above, defines a grey area as:

1. (Sociology) (in Britain) a region in which unemployment is relatively high.

2. an area or part of something existing between two extremes and having mixed characteristics of both.
3. an area, situation, etc., lacking clearly defined characteristics.

Grey Area Relevance

It seems to me that the second definition is the most relevant for our work at the Greenygrey, with the Greenygrey made up of two colours, if not extremes.

Considering that a grey area is between ‘two extremes’, would it not be more realistic to think that some of them survived into the middle, and swirled around like a greenygrey fog.

I certainly do!

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Vegetarianism will Save the Planet…Greenygrey World?

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Hi, it’s Lobo the Librarian, the best balanced bookworm in the Greenygrey world.  I was just looking at the BNT website and saw an interesting article about a book called The Vegetarian Myth.  The article was titled: Why Vegetarianism Will Not Save the World.  And then, lo and behold, to my severe shock and slight surprise, there was a nice comment under the greenygrey name.  Some of the highlights of the Greenygrey comment were:

There are loads of top sportspeople and intellectuals that are vegetarians, including legendary bodybuilder, Al Beckles; international marathon runner, Sally Eastall; and  three time World Memory Champion, Andi Bell.

The Shaolin monks don’t seem to do too badly on it either!

I think it’s about getting the nutrition right, and not about meat v vegetarian, although I’m no expert, and different bodies have different requirements; some might need some fish or meat?

I don’t know if I’m helping the world, but think it probably is better overall from what I know, and especially with the rise of the ‘dairy super-farms’ etc.


Hi, it’s Lobo, I’m back.  And the above is not even the weirdist thing about it all.

The Weirdist Thing is the Greenygreyness of it All

Because I followed the article’s link to the website of the author, Lierre Keith, and it was all done out in greenygrey, and she has a classic greenygrey look herself.

Moreover, I then looked up famous vegetarians, and it led me to a vegan wolf website that was all done out in…you guessed it…greenygrey.

I thought the Greenygrey was quite groundbreaking being a veggie werewolf, but a vegan wolf I did never imagine…but seeing is believing…

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