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Matches and Fire, Beaches and Waterfalls, in Glorious Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, getting the artistic working week rolling at the Greenygrey. Ol’ Wolfhol must be off creating something extraordinary, because I haven’t seen him for about a week. 9 to 5 workers, we know it’s getting to that time of day when you just want to go home, and are tempted to have a little break of web browsing. So this blog could be just what you need to get you through the last hour of an early-week day. Yes, it is still only Tuesday… and I’m sorry to say you’re missing a super sunset!

I’ve been busy today researching the emorfes blog, and found some fantastic greenygrey images again; emorfes seems to be turning into a greenygrey goldmine.

Single Greenygrey amongst Pack of Ebonygold

Talking of gold, I was working my way through the matches and fire art of  Russian photographer Stanislav Aristov; posted on emorfes November 30th; being quite amazed at the stunning shapes and concoctions, but not expecting any greenygrey finds amongst the ebony and gold extravaganza.

But being an intrepid researcher I didn’t leave the job until the end; and to be truthful I didn’t feel that way inclined, because the art was so fantastic. And I was rewarded when lo and behold up popped a great greenygrey gif of a grey smoky dragonfly above a green plantlike line.


Greenygrey Beaches and Waterfalls

I didn’t have to search far for greenygreyness in the next emorfes post on December 3rd, which had wall to wall greenygrey beaches and waterfalls. Here’s some of my favourites, presented in a trio of photos I have named Greenygrey Cassycade: