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Werewolf of Oz Bingie Trilogy 2 Ride Tandem

The weekend is here
with still no were
wolf of Oz episode
so here’s the latest road
to the end of the tale
travel quest they dare not fail…

Link for Amazon book and kindle.
Link for Amazon book and kindle.

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Yep, it’s Friday, and things have been so busy and Gremliny that we haven’t had time for an episode of your fave werewolf travels Australia with Aussie celebrities to a Wizard of Oz theme satirical comedy travel quest.

So here’s the second of the Bingie bungee bees trilogy, which includes lots of bee wordplay, as well as a famous PG Tips tea chimp cyclists tea advert from yesteryear, which we’ve included here:

Chapter 106.  Bungee to Bingie Begun by a Bee

The others stirred soon after, and Angry asked about all the noise. I explained about the bungees from Bingie. I was worried Angry may get angry, but he remained calm. After seeming lost in thought for a minute, he suggested we ask the bungeeists if we could hitch a lift north. I thought it was a great use of his mind.

Can You Ride Tandem? 

English: Bungee trampolinists in front of the ...

When the next bungeeists appeared from the north, Angry asked if we could hitch a lift to Bingie. One buzzed it would be no problem, and that they’d arrange for four tandem bungees to be used next time.

We packed up our gear, including a few spare spuds, and waited for our lifts. It was not long before four bungees appeared over the horizon.

It was a bit of a mad scramble, but we all got onto a bungee, and were soon flying through the air on our way to Bingie. It was only after I was on the bungee that I realised the pilot was a bee. And he was a very happy bee indeed. His obvious love for bungeeing was infectious, and I couldn’t wait to get bungeeing. It didn’t disappoint.

It was a truly exhilarating ride, and ended too quickly for my liking. We all landed beerilliantly in Bingie, and were as happy as Larry Bee. That was the name of my pilot.



‘Can you ride tandem?’ was a phrase used in a PG Tips advert starring bicycle-riding chimps in 1971.
Happy as Larry is an idiom meaning very happy; it is thought to have originated in Australia or New Zealand.


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