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World Cup and Big Brother News For You

World Cup 2014 in Brazil is dominating the television screens in Blighty, but it’s not only Brazilian greenYgrey on offer, as British television studios, politicians and sets continue the British greenYgreying craze.

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, satirical comedy television correspondent inspired by Harry Hill. First of all, what a game that was last night between Netherlands and Spain. It was a truly classic game. Congratulations to the Dutch, and commiserations to the Spanish; the latter have enjoyed loads of success over the last decade, and may bounce back like they did from opening game defeat four years ago.

World Cup Match of the Day

The BBC’s Match of the Day studio has got into the Brazil World Cup spirit with a great greenYgrey studio layout.

Screenshot (16)Match of the Day studio

Rumour has it in the greenYgrey world that the BBC‘s current affairs comedy quiz show Have I Got News For You is looking for an eventual replacement for greenYgrey favourite Paul Merton in the greenYgrey world… although we like and respect Ian Hislop too. Perhaps that’s why they had an old-fashioned greenygreying politician photo on…

Screenshot (15)Have I Got News For You

Celebrity Big Brother

Greenygrey/greenYgrey historians, like Tony Loboinson, know the World Cup is not the only human event taking place now with an important place in Greenygrey/greenYgrey history.

Yes, avid greenYgreyliens and readers of the greenYgrey world biography will have guessed that it’s Celebrity Big Brother, after Greenygrey won Celebrity Big Brother Alpha Werewolf many moons ago.

Celebrity Big Brother is taking place in the Channel 5 world now, after moving from Channel 4, and has a great greenygrey set this year.

Celebrity Big Brother Wolf Fairy Tales and David Hockney Art

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol, with a TV update. There’s some good and bad news from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Our fellow double initial twins are safe for another week, but there was some wolfophobia the last couple of nights, with housemates doing tasks based on fairytales.

Wolf Demonised in Big Brother Fairy Tales

Yes, you guessed it, this meant fending off a grey big bad wolf that has been used to demonise the brave and resilient wolf (big wild dog) for centuries.

The big bad wolf was used in Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs tasks. It is unlikely to lead to anti-wolf hysteria in the UK, as wild wolves were wiped out here over two centuries ago.

David Hockney sees Colour in the Countryside

Also, David Hockney, who reminds me of me, was shown on Countryfile this week creating lots of colourful art out of mainly greenygrey scenery. We like this at the Greenygrey, as we don’t like to overwork! A brilliant sunset last night created lots of great colour to let us clock off a little earlier than usual.

The programme is available until 19.29 this sunday in the UK; don’t know about other availability. If you can’t see the programme, a lot of Hockney’s art is available to view online with a David Hockney paintings google search, and a couple are copied below for your convenience.

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Celebrity Big Brother (Alpha Werewolf) Looks Good This Year

English: Kristina and Karissa Shannon attendin...
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Hi it’s Green.  Although Grey and I had a great time in Celebrity Big Brother Alpha Werewolf, and won thanks to your kind votes, I kind of wished we’d done it this year.

Celebrity Big Brother Contestants

That’s because there’s a really nice pair of twins in, and you know, me and Grey are like twins (although not identical like them), so I think we’d have really got on well.

And we’ve got even more in common, because like our initials are GG, theirs are KK: Kristina and Karissa Shannon.

And our ol’ pal Marc Latham was just saying in a recent poem on fmpoetry that the Playboy Mansion would be somewhere he’d like to live, and they used to live there.

Having so much in common, we’d have so much to talk about…

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