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Bottlenose Dolphin Sea Journey follows Bingie Trilogy

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. With all the bad news in the human world this week it seems like an ideal time to escape with the satirical comedy travel quest classic epic Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps. Especially as this episode sees the WoOs set off up the east coast on a  literary nonsense poetry bottlenose dolphin bonanza.

Trilogy Tower
Trilogy Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, first of all there’s even more bee wordplay. Maybe Werewolf of Oz analysts will one day argue over whether the Bingie Bee Bungee was really a trilogy, or whether this episode made it a quartet. Maybe you will too?

Chapter 108.  Bye-Bye Bingie, we’re off on a Bottlenose Fantasy

I slept well, and the others all seemed ready to leave when I first looked up. They were chatting jollily, and there seemed to be another new spirit amongst them.

Buzzing Off from the Bees of Bingie

The bees provided a beeautiful brekkie of honey beescuits. I felt a new surge of energy flow through my body afterwards.

After brekkying
on beescuits
we packed away
and made our way
out to sea
for parley
with Barry
and family.

Be Safe said the Bees All at Sea 

A bottlenose dolphin jumping at Notojima Aquar...
A bottlenose dolphin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bees flew out as far as the first horizon, which was the limit of their safe flight range; but some bungeed a little farther. They all sang goodbyee. It was a beeautiful sight from the early morning ocean, lit up aquamarine by the new day’s sun.

The harness and raft worked well. Barry and I swam in the front, with Barry’s wife and three calves in two rows behind us.

It felt dynamite to be a dolphin again yessiree,
freely swimming in the wild open sea,
bounding as a bottlenose with great company,
although it was a shame to leave the bees of Bingie.

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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
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Werewolf of Oz Leaves Bingie with Barry

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. One good thing about leaving the first episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps until late in the week is that there isn’t such a long wait until the second episode. An adult female bottlenose dolphin with her yo...

And here it is, bringing the brief Bingie bee bungee trilogy to a close with lots of a bee see wordplay, before starting off up the east coast with an old friend from Kalbarri; maybe you remember Grey getting an urge to call Barry when it reached Kalbarri?

Chapter 107.  Bingie Bungee Bees and Kalbarri Barry 

English: Barbeque corn on the beach, Bali Baha...
English: Barbeque corn on the beach, Bali Bahasa Indonesia: Jagung panggang di pantai, Bali (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We thanked the bees for the bungee to Bingie, and were about to leave, but then one flew over to us. She introduced herself as Beeatrice, before asking us not to buzz off straightaway, as they were having a beebeecue on the beeach that night.

A beebee on Bingie beach with Beeatrice and the bungeeing bees was too much to resist, so we quickly agreed in unison. We spent the afternoon chilling in the sea, and evening soon came.

Barry Joins Bee BBQ

We’d filled our bellies and were enjoying a tinny
or two with beeautiful company
when I thought I heard a familiar click out at sea
and then realised it was Kalbarri Barry.

After calling him over, I asked what he was doing all the way over the other side of Oz. He said he was holidaying with the family. I thought it was an amazing coincidence that we were both in Bingie at the same time, but you know, these things happen on the road… and at sea.

Raft of the Medusa
Raft of the Medusa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barry Suggests Sydney

Barry said they were setting off for Sydney the next day, and invited us along. I hadn’t shapeshifted for a while, so I suggested I shift into a bottlenose and swim with Barry and his family; pulling the others behind us on a makeshift raft. Everybody agreed to the idea, and we constructed the raft after the beerilliant bbq finished.

As the last embers of the fire lost their glow, we fitted the harness to the raft using the moonlight that silverlined across the ocean to our place on the sand.

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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.


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Werewolf of Oz Bingie Trilogy 2 Ride Tandem

The weekend is here
with still no were
wolf of Oz episode
so here’s the latest road
to the end of the tale
travel quest they dare not fail…

Link for Amazon book and kindle.
Link for Amazon book and kindle.

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Yep, it’s Friday, and things have been so busy and Gremliny that we haven’t had time for an episode of your fave werewolf travels Australia with Aussie celebrities to a Wizard of Oz theme satirical comedy travel quest.

So here’s the second of the Bingie bungee bees trilogy, which includes lots of bee wordplay, as well as a famous PG Tips tea chimp cyclists tea advert from yesteryear, which we’ve included here:

Chapter 106.  Bungee to Bingie Begun by a Bee

The others stirred soon after, and Angry asked about all the noise. I explained about the bungees from Bingie. I was worried Angry may get angry, but he remained calm. After seeming lost in thought for a minute, he suggested we ask the bungeeists if we could hitch a lift north. I thought it was a great use of his mind.

Can You Ride Tandem? 

English: Bungee trampolinists in front of the ...

When the next bungeeists appeared from the north, Angry asked if we could hitch a lift to Bingie. One buzzed it would be no problem, and that they’d arrange for four tandem bungees to be used next time.

We packed up our gear, including a few spare spuds, and waited for our lifts. It was not long before four bungees appeared over the horizon.

It was a bit of a mad scramble, but we all got onto a bungee, and were soon flying through the air on our way to Bingie. It was only after I was on the bungee that I realised the pilot was a bee. And he was a very happy bee indeed. His obvious love for bungeeing was infectious, and I couldn’t wait to get bungeeing. It didn’t disappoint.

It was a truly exhilarating ride, and ended too quickly for my liking. We all landed beerilliantly in Bingie, and were as happy as Larry Bee. That was the name of my pilot.



‘Can you ride tandem?’ was a phrase used in a PG Tips advert starring bicycle-riding chimps in 1971.
Happy as Larry is an idiom meaning very happy; it is thought to have originated in Australia or New Zealand.


Cover for 'Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps'


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Bingie East Coast Oz Werewolf Comedy Wordplay

With time fast running out,
I’m sure there’s little doubt,
in regular readers’ minds,
that it’s Werewolf of Oz times…

Bingie 3 Start Northerly

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Yes, it sure is time for the second Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps episode, what with the sun setting over Blighty, lunchtime on the west Pacific coast… and well, already early Monday morning in Oz.

Map of the Tasman Sea.
Map of the Tasman Sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This episode is the first of three inspired by the town of Bingie, which starts the travel quest quartet on the northerly east coast home straight to the comedy satire marathon maudle’s denouement with Bri’s bane.

The episode contains lots of Bingie inspired wordplay, and some of it may even by funny. Here it is:

Chapter 105.  Bungee Jumpers of Bingie Splash and Brash

I awoke on the beach. The sun shining through white cloud looked like a fried egg. I thought it’d go well with all our potatoes. Then,
there seemed to be a commotion in the Tasman Sea,
I wondered what it could be.

Brainwaves by the Waves 

I slept again, before being awoken by a regular splashing in our locality. I thought somebody might have left a tap on, but then remembered we were on a beach and I had seen no taps nearby.

Pacific Coast Rambler
Pacific Coast Rambler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was dozing back to sleep when a disturbing thought suddenly entered my noggin: all the early morning activity could be the MoMo East returning from the deep after its epic battle with MiMo Moby; or Smiggin escaped from its hole. I bolted upright, on the crest of a brainwave.

I was relieved to see it was not MoMo, oh no; or Smiggin, thank holiculturing; but some bungee jumpers that seemed to be arriving from a great distance.

Bingie Bungees Buzzing

Adopting a posh phone voice I once heard spoken in an old film, I said, ‘Hey, hold on old chaps, don’t you think it is jolly early for that kind of caper?’

Fried Egg Records
Fried Egg Records (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I realised the one who answered must be a local when it buzzed, ‘Strewth cobber, it’s never too early for some bonzer fun like this.’

I just had time to ask where they were bungeeing from before they started the reverse journey. I thought I heard one buzz they were bungeeing from Bingie before they bounced out of sight.

Link for Amazon book and kindle.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
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Werewolf of Oz Latest Blog is a Bottlenose Bonanza

A mother and juvenile Bottlenose Dolphin head ...

Hi, it’s Green.  We’ve just been enjoying our new Greenygrey video the last couple of days, but we did read that our ol’ pal Marc Latham’s FM Poetry (fmpoetry.wordpress.com) had won a Versatile Blogger award; and just noticed that Grey blogged over at the Werewolf of Oz.  It was great to read Grey’s okay, and we’ve brought it into the Greenygrey world without further ado for you:

Bye Bye Bingie, we’re off on a Bottlenose Travel Fantasy

I awoke later than the others, and they seemed all ready to leave when I first looked up.  They were chatting jollily, and there seemed to be a new spirit amongst them.

Buzzing Off from the Bees of Bingie

The bees put on a great brekkie of honey nut munchers, and I felt a new surge of energy flow through my body.  I almost felt green, and thought my emerald cork hat might be glowing.  I asked the others, but they could see no change in it.

After munching
all the munchers
we made our way
out to sea
for parley
with Barry
and family.

Be Safe said the Bees at Sea

The bees flew out to the horizon, the limits of their safe flights, and some bungeed a little further.  It was a beeautiful sight in the clear early morning ocean, as the new day’s sun began to strengthen as it rose into the deep blue sky.

The raft worked well, with Barry and me swimming in the front of the harness, and Barry’s wife and three calves and juveniles in two rows behind us.  It felt  good to be a dolphin again, and to be swimming in the open sea with great company.

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