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Priscilla Presley doesn’t know me: obituary apology

All our brain’s pure light
divided by prism of life
pulled apart, distorted, lied.

I’d been thinking of how the light of original thought and speech were distorted by others, like a prism separates light into different colours recently, and thought this epitaph could have described my decade-long writing protagonist/theme/logo greenYgrey for me: “..There are no words for you. Angel is the closest I could think of. Pure light… Wild man…Twin soul… Too sensitive for this harsh world.’

If anybody thinks it’s bad taste (if Priscilla Presley or any of the family ever hear of this; which I very much doubt; it is done with sensitivity and respect, in my own ‘rock n’ roll remembered’ way!) paraphrasing somebody else’s obituary, it’s done in the best possible taste (paraphrasing Kenny Everett!), and people like Ben Keough should have been the target audience, but they were misled by Multicultural Fascism, and supporting people who just want to rape and rob them!

Bipolar Mirror Poem and Reflection

Is happiness a neglect of duty? It seems that avoiding bad news is the best way to be happy if you’re single, unattached and comfortable financially. Travel can give you that freedom to be happy, as you’re away from the usual concerns you have at home.

Mirror Poem Reflection 

English: Rydal Mount, Gardens landscaped by Wi...
English: Rydal Mount, Gardens landscaped by William Wordsworth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth and wolves.

At home you feel like you can and should try and make a difference, even if the political system ultimately seems to do what it wants anyway.

However, when travelling or on holiday you can have other problems, such as feeling isolated or hassled.

26_sleeping soldiers. Very little was spoken b...
26_sleeping soldiers. Very little was spoken between us (Photo credit: Jim Surkamp)

Even if you escape humanity you can be left wondering why the world is the way it is, and if there’s any point to existence.

Of course there are good times too; and times when the world seems all wonderful and perfect.

I think that’s what Marc Latham was trying to say in his Mine Bipolar Mind poem available from the above link on fmpoetry.wordpress.com and included in his 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections book along with Reflection 13, which premieres online below:

Reflection 13

You cannot escape –
thinking you’re free
one side of the mind
on the same body.

Smashwords cover

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Mind and Weather Analogy Poem

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem celebrates Green and Grey becoming one again on the Greenygrey website, after Grey returned from its exile in Oz, and published its Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps epic comedy and poems book. It is free to download today (Monday, 2nd April) on Amazon.
The poem combines three of the dominant themes of the greenygrey: how the weather and land interacts; the horizon view and the moods of the mind. The poem also celebrates the raising of the connecting Y between green and grey to the: 3D tree of growth, thought and knowledge at the heart of the greenygrey. And the creator seeing a planet in the daytime for the first time last week. Enjoy!
Y Green and Grey Go Together
Did you see the moon sideways smiling?
grey cloud hides the sun
lowering euphoria of fun
running free in great outdoors
when it doesn’t rain, but pours
bright horizon obscured
to negativity the mind is lured
so positivity will be more noticed
with optimism returned
rays of light return, raising mood
watered seeds of optimism nurtured
rising flowers reflect desires
green leaves bring new ideas
Yes I saw Venus over lunchtime lunar!
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey: http://www.greenygrey.co.uk

Yet Through the Pain Barrier we Write Poetry

*This poem has been revised since posting, which hopefully again shows the benefits of getting your work out there, although it can limit its publication possibilities of course. It has been revised because I thought the word ‘Yet’ in the middle of the poem warranted a ‘Through’ title, as it fits both the structure and sentiment of the poem.

What is your pain threshold? Do you work and play through the pain barrier?

Yet Through the Pain

From the pain I seem to stagnate
From the pain I seek to grow
From the pain I long to create
From the pain I hope to know


Is the pain really the answer why
Is the pain what makes me high
Is the pain integral to my being
Is the pain essential to my feeling

This poem appears in Marc Latham’s poetry collection published by Chipmunka.

Bipolar Poetry with Jekyll and Hyde Theme

Today’s folding mirror poem deals with the difficult topic of bipolarity, or Manic Depression as it used to be called.

I don’t know if I’ve got it, or had it, but I have had a lot of bad moods, as well as many euphoric ones.

It’s a small poem and a simple mirror structure.

Anyway, here’s the poem.  Enjoy!


Moody Blues

Look at the state of You

ugly, obscene, disgusting,

you fill me full of ennui

boring, repetitive, ageing,


clouds lift, shining light


exciting, innovative, prime,

you fill me full of pride

handsome, moral, sublime,

Take a good look at Hyde