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Successful Sun Brand Art Project

We flew and we flew
sun drew and drew
all I can tell you.

Don’t follow me
only one can be
sun single tree.

You can’t reach
here before time
takes you back
returns your rhyme.


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Responsible Information 

I researched branding before doing my self-art, and it was for self-love and love of the sun rather than self-harm. It was also about doing something for myself; art and achievement; rather than going for another tattoo.

For those who think it is a downward sign, or one of depression, it is just the opposite – it is me being me, what I want to be, and breaking through what I see as the barriers put up by the clown crowd cloud – if you’re offended by that I’m not writing for you, and maybe not writing about you, but if you think the cap fits, then maybe it does!

Saving money and avoiding going to a tattooist – nothing against tattooists, just that they are human – were third and fourth factors. If a Bardot-Harry-Ekland lookalike tattooist wants to do a big self-portrait on my back; preferably in a sun-trees-nature design; I might make an exception!

The really successful brands were five minutes of a sterilised coin heated in an oven for an hour – while cooking baked potatoes! There was a little pain on initial contact, but nothing after a few seconds.


No More Blue-Sky Banking: Lloyds Bank Rebrands to Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, with a Greenygrey News (GGN) newsflash, satirical comedy in the style of Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Lloyds bank used to have a blue-sky logo and brand, but after the banking crash it seems to have rebranded to a more realistic greenygrey logo brand.

Lloyds Bank Blue Sky Logo

Until last September the old Lloyds bank logo used to feature a black horse in front of a greenyblue background, as shown in this image:

Lloyds Bank Greenygrey Logo

Perhaps in an effort to provide a more reassuring and trustworthy image after the banking crash, Lloyds bank has now gone greenygrey:

The Greenygrey was not involved in the rebranding. It was done by Rufus Leonard, RKRC/Y&R, Proximity and MEC according to the drum.com website.

Moments that Matter

The website also contained the Lloyds advert for the marketing campaign, which is also available on YouTube, and is copied below (notice the greenygrey cover and the double letter strapline, althought its MM rather than GG!):

We hope that Lloyds lives up to the greenygrey brand.

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Comedy Classic Werewolf of Oz Pirate Lacoste Episode

Hi, it’s Greenygrey, with the weekend fast running out half way through it’s time for the next episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google MapsIt’s another comedy classic weighty epic, so I’ll not keep you too long, as the clock is still ticking inside; quickly introducing you to a character that could be better branded with a clever crock hook.

A Very Gallant Gentleman, a painting about the...
A painting about the polar explorer Lawrence Oates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve organised a search party to look for Andy Wolfhol, so we won’t be able to bring you any thrilling episodes next week, but hope to return to normal service a.s.a.p. We may be gone sometime


Title page, Treasure Island by Robert Louis St...
Title page, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, illustrated by N. C. Wyeth, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1911 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I slept well, and dreamt of a reunion with Green.

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle Of Rum: Treasure Island Hum

I thought I could hear humming, and presumed it must be Dec, as the words I could make out were:

Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.’

I remembered going to the premiere of the Treasure Island play as one half of the Greenygrey back at the start of the twentieth century, so it brought back fond memories.

Green Crocodile’s Snappy Style

Un par de zapatillas
Un par de zapatillas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I’d go and help Dec with whatever he was doing, but had a surprise when I ascended to the deck. Dec and Dai were nowhere to be seen.

That wasn’t the only surprise awaiting me: there was something green navigating the ship. I thought it was my Green for a minute, after the dream I’d had, but soon realised it wasn’t. When it turned around, I saw it was a crocodile. I was pretty sure Green wouldn’t choose that shape for a reunion.

I greeted the green crocodile, and asked where Dai n’ Dec were.

The crocodile stylishly snapped that they’d sold the ship to it during the night, before sailing off in another boat.

Pirate Lacost on Sail

Pirates (Photo credit: MeoplesMagazine)

I thought that was strange, as Dai n’ Dec seemed to be looking forward to reaching Melbourne before we called it a night. Moreover, I couldn’t remember another boat on board; just rum. I didn’t mention that, and just introduced myself as Grey.

The crocodile shook my hand and introduced itself as Pirate Lacost, before climbing up onto the sail.

I was becoming ever more suspicious of it.



Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum’ is from Treasure Island, a book by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Lacoste is a clothes and sportswear company.
Pirates of the Caribbean (film).

—————————————————————————————————-werewolf of oz book cover

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