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British homes children day… in canada!

The UK has become like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, with Child Catchers prowling the streets trying to abduct children.

It’s British Homes Children Day today… in Canada.

British Homes Children in Britain have been targeted by immigrant grooming gangs in recent years, with many raped and some killed.

I think a British Homes Children Day UK may help protect them, and at least provide some support and inspiration.

If you’ve got five UK friends willing to sign you could start a petition:


Green Living Conference Called Grey to Green

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, intrepid newshound with Greenygrey news. I was delighted to read in the Alternatives Journal newsletter that there is a green living conference in Toronto, Canada on May 21st and May 22nd called Grey to Green. Don’t worry, it’s not about making this Greenygrey streamline to Green.

Conference on Green Infrastructure 

One of the Village Green apartment buildings i...
One of the Village Green apartment buildings in Toronto, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The conference is about the economics of green infrastructure, which is said to be becoming a multi-billion dollar industry.

At the Greenygrey this is the kind of thing we like to see: good jobs being created while protecting the planet.

Although there might be some difficulties in the green-living evolution, we think it is the only way to provide a clean and sustainable world for those living now and future generations.

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Lake, Trees, Sky, Green, Grey Nature Photos

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol. I have been knocked out by Diane’s photos at Life as I see it. The photos are from Nova Scotia, Canada, and show a beautiful unspoilt land of free animals and abundant foliage. I couldn’t help noticing a trio of excellent greenygrey ones, so I thought I’d bring them into the Greenygrey world for you to view.

P.S. We’re expecting the final part of the epic Werewolf of Oz final battle poem trilogy tomorrow, and will post them all up here when they are ready. Cheers.

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Niagara Falls Video has Exciting New Greenygrey Evidence

Canadians watching the Horsesehoe Falls. Canad...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonthehill, video and television expert here at the Greenygrey.

I was just browsing Youtube and came across a great piece of Greenygrey evidence in this Niagara Falls video:

The Water is Multi-Coloured: Green and Grey

Although, at first, inexperienced Greenygreyologists might think that the main greenygrey evidence is in the grey river in the foreground, and the green trees in the background, if you look closely at the river, there is some green in it.

And that is only the precursor to the main event though, because as the water cascades over the Niagara Falls it turns from grey to green.

It seems quite amazing that it is the same water, but changes colour between green and grey…well, it does to me anyway.

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Billy Connolly’s Route 66 Meeting with Wolves

Eastern wolves at Wolf Science Center, Ernstbr...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Green.  Here at the Greenygrey, one of our favourite activities is trying to defend wolves, which are of course half of what us werewolves are made of. Of course, the average human has more care and compassion than the average wolf, but wolves can be very loving and playful too, showing many of the same characteristics that make us and our pet dogs feel empathetic towards each other.  And comparing the human and wolf as species, there is no doubt which has been the most destructive.

Billy Connolly meets Wolves on Route 66

It was therefore nice to see Billy Connolly, who previously followed Grey and I’s original epic Rambles across Canada for a documentary series, seeing the softer and more timid side of wolves when he visited a wolf reserve in Missouri in his current rambling documentary Billy Connolly’s Route 66.

Connolly was shocked that the wolves were so wary of humans even within their enclosures, and said that all horror stories about them are rubbish. The wolf feature starts about 12:30 into the programme.

The video is available until mid-October in the UK; don’t know if it’s available elsewhere.

Thanks to Connolly and the programme makers for the wolf time.

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