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Poem about Caterpillar and Butterfly Metamorphosis

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem is the 121st of 121 in his upcoming 242 Folding Mirror Poems and Reflections book. He intended to write the introduction for the book this morning, but instead wrote another FM poem! We’ll hopefully bring you that next week. Here’s poem 121; it’s written as the butterfly and its previous states are usually physically seen, with butterfly in air down to grounded egg; it can be read chronologically from the bottom:
Butterfly in Flight
Butterfly in Flight (Photo credit: Christine ™)
The Caterpillar and Butterfly: Metamorphosis in the Middle
Angels love the way butterflies manifest
shimmering wings harmoniously synchronise
fluttering over aromatic magnoliophyta
free after metamorphosis in pupa.
One type of colourful creature entered
different looking one emerged
tissue, limbs and organs alter
and flightless bug has a bright future.
hanging out on a branch, having eaten leaves for brunch
A pretty pleasant crawler is the caterpillar
leading double life as larva
sometimes allying with ants
and shedding cuticles instar stage apolysis.
Originating in a leaf-glued egg
on certain species-specific host-plants
seemingly inactive and vulnerable
but all the time appropriating defences.
English: Io moth caterpillar seen on the wall ...
English: Io moth caterpillar seen on the wall to the visitors center building in Loxahtachee National wildlife Refuge, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Marc Latham’s central website is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk)