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Poem about Dark Knight Film: Batman and Joker

The Dark Knight (film)
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Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem uses the 2008 Batman and Joker film, The Dark Knight, as its subject.  It seemed fitting Folding Mirror material with its battle between the sky and underworld fought on street level; and opposing minds of hope and despair fighting for the Gotham society mindset.  Here it is:
Dark Knight Fights Against Joker’s Delights
bat’s  shape
in human cape
Gotham looks upwards to sky
Dark Knight flies high
Bruce Wayne transcends the night
between skyscrapers into sight
providing hope the people deserve?
below streets sewer underworld
Joker plots hatched and unfurled
causing chaos to society
Dent corrupted by lying duplicity
without a care
clown’s stare