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Humanity, Ants and Aliens Poem by Claire Knight

Here is another clever and eloquent FM poem by Claire Knight. Claire kindly interpreted my recent article trying to rationalise humanity and Earth’s place in the universe and beyond within this poem, and big thanks to her for taking the time to read my article, analyse it, and then create this wonderful poem from it. fANTastic!

Ant Theory – according to Marc Latham

ants from above that inspired original article

enigmas spiral forever:
tiny ants traverse pathways over the ground
oblivious of earthbound humans
no need to know, need to hurry
focused in their thoughts and deeds:
at these diligent creatures
we two-leggeds watch, ponder and wonder

truths entwine eternity

perhaps aliens watch, ponder and wonder
at we intelligent creatures,
focused in our thoughts and deeds
no need to hurry, need to know:
curious of earthbound humans
space beings traverse pathways across the void
enigmas smile forever!

people from above by J. Elliott-Abshire

The article on Existential.

Folding Mirror Recognised as a New Poetry Form

Amazing news for the Folding Mirror poetry form, and all those who have contributed and supported it here and elsewhere.

After Caroline Gill alerted admin to the opportunity, I sent off some details and examples to Lewis Turco, who is considered to be one of the highest authorities on poetry after the publishing of his The Book on Forms, and it subsequently becoming regarded as the book of reference for poetry forms.

I’m very happy to let you know that Lewis Turco has now accepted the Folding Mirror as a new poetry form, and included it’s description and poem examples by Caroline Gill and Claire Knight on his website of new odd and invented forms. The list is in alphabetical order, and the Folding Mirror appears under that name. The website is a gathering place for new forms, and there could be a new book that includes them in the near future.

I hope you enjoy visiting the site, and thanks again to everybody who has made it possible. Have a great weekend!

Nepal Himalayas Cairns and Lakes Poem by Claire Knight

Here’s another nicely crafted Folding Mirror poem by Claire Knight. The poem was inspired by photos of stone cairns built alongside vivid coloured lakes by travellers and trekkers in the Nepal Himalayas.

Thanks to Claire for creating and sharing the poem.

The Poem

Lakeside Cairns – Nepal

where travellers leave signs:
hand picked smooth stones
in shades of grey
perched one on top of another
balanced in perfect equilibrium
decreasing in size the small tower
ascends as if towards the gods

utter stillness of the turquoise waters

descending as if towards the depths
reflecting a reversal of the tower
floating in perfect alignment
each lying one beneath the other
in pale greeny hues
hand picked round rocks:
messages set in stone

Nepal Himalayas Mountains Everest Lakes Gokyo
Gokyo's Third Lake Near Mount Everest
Cairn Nepal Himalays Everest National Park
Cairn in the Nepal Himalays Everest National Park

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Claire Knight’s Hourglass Nebula Poem

After Claire provided the groundbreaking Folding Mirror poem, Hourglass of Time, I came across the Hourglass nebula in the best Hubble photos list.

The Hourglass Nebula

So I invited Claire to create a poem to represent the image, and she responded with a poem in no time. Claire sent a draft of this poem to me before I created the Ant Nebula poem, so she interpreted the image in colours before I did with the Ant Nebula.

Thanks for creating the poem, and sharing it here with us Claire:

The Poem

Cosmic Jellyfish of the Hourglass Nebula

floating far in the darkest void
wind spun outer rings of red hues
ethereal magic of the vast galaxy
two cosmic jellyfish connecting
translucent skirts swirling
shot with green streams
light years away:
light years away
shot with pure green silk
translucent skirts billowing
two cosmic jellyfish conjoining
magical enigma of the vast galaxy
wind spun inner rings of turquoise
quietly floating far into eternity

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Hourglass of Time and Life Poem by Claire Knight

Today we have the second of three recent Folding Mirror poems by Claire Knight. This one is really innovative, with the hourglass shape providing a striking design for the story of life contained in the poem.

Thanks for the groundbreaking poem and design Claire, and I hope you continue twisting the FM mould.

Hourglass of Time

is birth a blank page? or a weighty tome
crammed full of ingrained wisdom
and lesson plans to draw on
as we climb the hill
of learning and
striving until
on the peak
we turn:
a change of
view sliding
down with ease
the relentless decline
grains of truth spill between
our hands until the sands run out
and the tome of life swells with more pages

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Claire Knight Winter Snow Poem

Here’s one of three new Folding Mirror poems by Claire Knight that we’ll be publishing here in the near future.

Thanks to Claire for creating another strong and evocative FM and allowing it to be used here.

The snow is falling once again as I write.


pristine snow lies all around
its silence its muffled sound
each crystal glistening a spark
contrasting trees bare and dark
bushes laden with cotton wool clumps
waiting inviting – a longing to touch

this world out of reach through the window

thawing melting – a longing to stroll
the towpath awash with slushy humps
pathways now muddy and clear
I venture out to places near
hearing once more bird sound
in fields green again all around

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Claire Knight’s Grandson’s Gift

Today we round off the Tips for Writers summer edition Folding Mirror poems with the third from Claire Knight.

It was great to see talented poets creating Folding Mirror poems in a top small press poetry and writing magazine, and I hope more poets will try out some FMs in the future.

Grandson’s Gift is a colourful and poignant tale about the beauty of receiving presents from family members.

Thanks to Claire for creating and sharing it, and Wendy Webb of Tips for Writers for allowing its re-use.

GRANDSON’S GIFT by Claire Knight

This morning
he painted me a butterfly,
in bold splodges
of lime green and orange,

and gave it to me with bright eyes and beaming smile.

With lime green and orange,
in bold splodges,
he painted me a butterfly
a beautiful butterfly.

Poetry of Morning Nature by Claire Knight

Today, fmpoetry has another wonderful poem by a Norfolk poet that appears in the summer issue of etips.

The poem seems particularly suitable for most of the UK today, as we bask in a gorgeous morning for the fifth day running.

Claire uses her words expertly to create an image of the new day that earlybirds will be able to relate to and enjoy.

Thanks to Claire for creating the poem and Claire and Wendy Webb for allowing it to be used on this site.

Daybreak by Claire Knight

As night’s cloak withdraws
and starlight dims
a glimmer rises in the east:
birds reveal their morning song
and dew glistens on each leaf.

Today the world is new and fresh, so awaken

as dew glistens on each leaf,
birds rise in their morning flight
above a glimmer in the east:
starlight fades away
as night withdraws her cloak.