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Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony and Legacy

Howldy do, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, with the last report from Olympics 2012. We’ve got the fantastic closing ceremony of what might be remembered as the Greenygrey Games, and the Greenygrey legacy in this spectacular closing blog.

Olympics 2012 Closing Day and Ceremony

Fittingly, there were gold medals for Teams GB and GG on the last day of the Olympics, with Anthony Joshua winning boxing gold for Team GB in the super-heavyweight division, and Lithuania’s Laura Asadauskaite winning Modern Pentathlon gold for Team GG.

The closing ceremony was another great spectacular, although not as greenygrey as the opening ceremony. But it didn’t really matter by then, as everybody was in the mood to party, and the greenygrey was in there amongst a multitude of colours, as shown on the BBC sport site:

An octopus containing legendary DJ Fatboy Slim seemed to represent animals, and looked greenygrey at times, as shown on the BBC sport site:

Greenygrey Legacy

John Lennon’s Imagine song starred in the closing ceremony, and after women had starred in all the Olympics 2012 sporting events, models from the tough world of fashion led by Kate Moss were represented amongst some great British comedy and music moments; together symbolising Cool Britannia; as shown by this photo from Zimbio:

Thanks to the athletes of Team GB for doing so well, and Teams Lithuania, Jamaica and Ireland for wearing the greenygrey with pride, and doing Team GG proud. Also to the organisers, workers and participants at Olympics 2012, and the BBC for great coverage. And most of all, thanks to all of you for reading our reports from Olympics 2012.

Hopefully the UK and world will continue with the Olympic 2012 spirit of sport, achievement, equality and fun into the future; and the Greenygrey will be sponsoring our favourite athlete, Marc Latham, to run his fourth marathon in 2013…

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