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reclaim rainbow: POETRY PHILOSOPHY 5 MORE

Humanity sells rainbows only way it
can; can’t can; can
market and advertise, creating logo copies for impressionable eyes!
Reclaim the rainbow:
4 hetero 2, high or low;
never touching Earth for capture;
nobody’s possession,
free of humanity’s obsession.

TV taught me comedy,
TV told me to think freely,
TV opened my eyes to astronomy,
now TV says all wrong – wonky wokery!

I see trees full of leaves again;
birds enjoying bountiful scran.
Rich say nature’s in decline,
but flaunt their fatuity, so fine!

Sky forever,
whatever weather!
Humanity can’t understand/spoil it all;
neverending sprawl;
spinning info that seems beyond control!

Death becomes you, when life leaves, leafless trees, hairless bodies, sun dried, decaying to earth, threading rebirth, thrown free

nonsense poem of ten lines tea rain terrain

On the first Saturday
of the second month
there was three weeks rain.

Followed by four knocks on the door
five thunderous stamps on the floor
and six times the combined sound in echo.

After seven minutes I could take no more
it took eight long strides to reach therefore
turning the handle nine degrees to outpour

tea from a pot I’d been brewing ten bags before.


My very own Marcissism art is called Marct.
Some people may think it is machismo.
But really it is Marcissmo.
More in line with Marc… el Duchamp,
Some may think it Machiavellian.
But really it is Marciavellian.
I see a wolf looking through the trees at the sun in the cover photo!


Bitchy bullies biting the hand that fed;
now they’re BBC, shadow of Savile instead;
Mordor central Salford Red Devils dread!
(Inspired by story Little Mix have a dig at old manager Simon Cowell [inspiration for the Wolfell werewolfised greenYgrey world character] on new album; after I previously criticised their Black Magic video for ‘their group gang’ bullying a lone girl).


The other side of Salford; these were two of seven stories (some poetic) I wrote in under an hour this morning on Facebook.


‘Salt of the Earth’ Salfordians (?); John Cooper Clarke, Stone Roses etc; I salute you for surviving and sometimes prospering in the Red Devils triangle (I like triangles too; especially UFOs, pyramids etc!).

I was impressed by the ‘Salford community’ battling property development in a documentary on the BBC; and even the ‘celebrity’ property developer himself seemed quite cool.

The title too: Manctopia, middling Dystopia/Utopia.

The size and speed of the development, doubling population in a few years, was horribly scary though, and pushing ‘local’ people out of the area!

(Documentary still available in UK).