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The Witness. — lemanshots – Fine Pictures and Digital Art

Lot of relevance for this blog in this image below, shared from the lemanshots site; such as the POP (PinkyOrangePurple) colours and subject matter fitting in with the Folding Mirror theme. Lot of intricate detail and irreverent additions too.

With relevance to the image, I’d been thinking this recently, after covering a lot of UFOs and brain stuff:

Some people who think the world’s leaders know more than they are revealing about advanced knowledge, from our history or space, say the leaders don’t trust the human population enough to reveal it – the world system would collapse, nobody’d work, there’d be wars etc.
However, maybe it would have the reverse effect, at least with regard to religious wars – if people didn’t think they were fighting for outright supremacy, or just local, then they wouldn’t fight at all.
And then there’s all the people who seem a little lost, with many suffering mental health issues, and even committing suicide. Maybe revealing everything, if there is more, would answer some of their questions, fill their void, and feelings of emptiness – perhaps because they think there’s more, but don’t know what it is; or even begin to doubt themselves, and think they’re going crazy!
I’m kind of like that, but don’t know if there is much more knowledge now, or if it’ll just be known in the future…

Designed and created by Josephine R. Unglaub.

via The Witness. — lemanshots – Fine Pictures and Digital Art

Apple Scales Reminder of Unbalanced Fruit Brandwave

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. I think Andy Wolfhol is off creating something extraordinary, because he’s nowhere to be seen. I was going to delegate this job to him, but he did such a good job introducing Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem that we’ll overlook this artistic license.

Victoria Ivanova Art of Greenygrey Balance

In fact, it was while at the fmpoetry wordpress site that I first had the idea for this job, after seeing the art of Victoria Ivanova on the emorfes wordpress site.

I was captivated at once, after seeing the greenygrey scales with a pair of apples and a mirror image on them.

Then I saw the Pear of Dorian Gray, which reminded me of an idea I’d recently had, about having a Greenygrey fruit communication brand, what with there already being apple, blackberry, orange etc.

As I’m like a conjoined pair, that has recently been separated, I’d thought of Pear. I just google searched it, and there is already a Pear Communications anyway.

So, to make up for that disappointment, I thought I’d create a new poem, which I do believe is the first full Greenygrey poetry production since Grey set the poetry world alight with its seventy solo literary nonsense classics in its now available at Amazon for Winter Solstice Christmas epic classic Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps. Enjoy!

The Pear of Dorian Gray
is not moi, Greenygrey
for we are one once again
and not a brand of communication.

More Victoria Ivanova Images.

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