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Yoda of Star Wars Fame Throws Light on New Creation Myth?

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, I’ve unearthed some spectacular evidence that suggests Yoda of Star Wars fame was a Greenygrey. This could open up a whole new bag of worms weasel words werewolf Greenygrey derived from alien life in space creation myth! Some of the photographic evidence I found is published below; for the first time in the Greenygrey world.

United in Oz

The mystery deepened as I delved… um, deeper, as Frank Oz was the voice of Yoda in the human interpretation of the Star Wars. In the Greenygrey world on Earth, Grey’s Werewolf of Oz was of course ghost written by Marc Latham.

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Poem featuring Great Spirit Creation Myth missing link?

Grandfather Great Spirit , Fill Us With The Light.
Image by ZedZaP... via Flickr
Marc Latham’s latest poem continues along the theme of other recent poems involving the Great Spirit, Father Sky and Mother Earth inspired by Peter Prew’s The Human Reality.
At the heart of this poem is Marc Latham’s original creation myth for the Greenygrey: that it was born when the green Earth and grey Sky were as one in greenygrey.
This could make the Greenygrey the missing link in the Great Spirit Father Sky and Mother Earth creation myth!?  Here’s the poem:
When Earth and Sky are as One
Father Sky
riding high
except times
when its cirrus
fly amongst
mountain forests
and pea soup
joins it to Earth
Tis the time of Greenygrey
Sky is within reach
touch the void
swirling seraphim
seaside fog
rolling in estuary
islands bliss
giving birth
Mother Earth