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Leeds Tour de France Le Grande Depart Article

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, travel writing correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by the legendary travel writer Jack Kerouac. I was delighted to see this morning that there’s a new travel article on Leeds hosting Le Grande Depart of the Tour de France on July 5th.

Go Nomad Travel Site Photo

The article is on the Go Nomad site, which has been a leader in alternative travel writing on the web since 2000.

The article provides travel info about Leeds and Yorkshire through a virtual tour of the city, as well as providing a little historical and retail facts. There’s also a lot of photos and a little of the author’s endurance sport history in the region linking the info and facts together into a travel article.



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Greenygrey Leeds to Yorkshire Tour de France Start

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We were delighted to hear yesterday that the Tour de France would be starting in Leeds, West Yorkshire in 2014. ‘Welcome to Yorkshire‘ did a great job canvassing for the honour, and Yorkshire’s Olympians did fantastic in showing what a wonderful environment it is for sport. And the local councils have done well to keep the city and region green, with seven ‘green flag’ award-winning parks in the Leeds area.

English: Leeds urban subdivision in West Yorks...
English: Leeds urban subdivision in West Yorkshire urban area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greenygrey Diplomatic Mission to France

But we think it was our decision to send our diplomat, Marc Latham, to France in September that gave Leeds the edge over Edinburgh and Florence.

Marc Latham’s mission to Saint-Malo resulted in a Travel Thru History  article and YouTube video celebrating the Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel region, as well as some greenygrey blogs on this humble site. Three months later, Leeds was chosen to host the Tour de France 2014 start.

* This blog should be decoded in the human world as humour.


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Rowing and Sailing, Team GB and the Greenygrey

Howldy do, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, struggling through this marathon bout of sports presenting for the Greenygrey. Wish I had a cub reporter to help out!

Today, we’re focusing on the water and waves, although we will save some water for a watery Wednesday, with swimming and cycling tomorrow; separate of course, although the triathlon is today, so maybe that’ll be included too…

Four Golds for Team GB and Four Layers of Greenygrey

Team GB won four golds in the rowing, and the venue at Eton-Dornay also showed off the four layers of greenygrey (like a double-filling sandwich) available on an average day on the riverbank, as shown in this image from the BBC website.

In the foreground we have grey water, and then green grass, which make up the lower half of the greenygrey sandwich. Then we have trees rising above the grass, below grey skies. A greenygrey double delight.

Ben Ainslie‘s Greenygrey Connection

Ben Ainslie won his fourth sailing gold in the Finn class race, and the Greenygrey was there to cheer him home.

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Team GB find Gold amongst the Greenygrey

Howldy do, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, sports correspondent at the Greenygrey. It was an exciting day for Team GB at Olympics 2012 yesterday, as Team GB found the golden trail amongst the greenygrey.

Helen Glover and Heather Stanning Rowing Gold

Team GB’s first golden day amongst the greenygrey started with Helen Glover and Heather Stanning dominating the women’s pairs rowing race from the greenygrey start:

Glover and Stanning comfortably maintained their early lead to the greenygrey end, and won at a canter.

Bradley Wiggins wins Time-Trial Cycling Gold

Fresh from his Tour de France historic victory, it seemed too comic-book that Bradley Wiggins would win the Olympic time-trial on home turf, but he was eleven seconds up in the first greenygrey quarter of the race.

Wiggins continued to increase his lead at that pace throughout the race, and was forty-two seconds up by the greenygrey end.

Michael Jamieson Unlucky not to Win Swimming Gold

After two comfortable golds it would have been nice for Team GB to win a close gold, but Michael Jamieson was unlucky in the men’s 200m breaststroke swimming final as he was edged out by Hungary’s Daniel Gyurta.

Jamieson broke the British record, and swam the fourth fastest time ever, but Gyurta, who is already the World Champion, broke the world record to edge out Jamieson by point-15 of a second.

The crowd at the aquatic centre gave Jamieson great support, and if it had been supplemented with a little greenygrey around the pool area maybe Jamieson would be the Olympic champion and world record holder today.

Congratulations to him for a great swim and the silver medal anyway.

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