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BBC Ignores Anti-White Racist Sexist Murder – Arab Banker – and Sex Slavery Tenfold Rise

After Raheem Sterling did some basic media research this week I went to the Daily Mail he’d done it on, and found lots of anti-white and anti-women stories I hadn’t heard anything about on the BBC. A couple are below. This is a comment on the BBC and liberal media’s anti-white bias, and nothing to do with Raheem Sterling or black people in general, unless they are being racist to whites.

My Research Rationale

As I don’t get much response here, I can’t be bothered changing them from the posts I put on Facebook just now. I’ve tried taking the moderate line in the last thirteen years of creative writing after graduating with a PhD, but the British media just ignore me; and call people like Tommy Robinson right-wing and racist when he was also trying to be moderate; and then they act all shocked and go mental on it when white people can’t be bothered being ‘politically-correct’ any more, while the ‘Establishment’ don’t control immigration or sex-slavery, and can’t deliver Brexit!

This story was in the Metro, Mail and Telegraph:

Christina Abbotts failed to turn up to her own birthday celebrations and was found dead in a bed.Zahid Naseem arrives at Lewes Crown Court today 

Upper-class White Escort Bludgeoned to Death by Arab Banker – Who Wanted to Degrade (me – proving racist sexism) Her

Anti-white woman racist sexist murder hasn’t made it onto BBC TV, as far as I’ve seen, which is regular headline news… but they’ve gone mad on a few allegedly racist words, which I don’t agree with either, and some school-standard media research against their antithesis Daily Mail… I am a Doctor of Philosophy in Communications (media basically) from a poor deprived background, but am white… so nobody asks my opinion… and they’ll probably call me racist for this!!
They have featured the also tragic Grace Millane story a lot, and this one not at all. Using Raheem’s 1-1 research, which is the most basic, and would need dozens, hundreds or thousands of cases to verify, but the BBC LOVE IT, I wonder why they’ve featured 100% backpacker death in NZ to 0% white woman killed by Arab banker in London?

UK Sex Slavery Rises Tenfold in Five Years

Along with the last story I posted, this one says sex slavery has risen tenfold in Britain in the last five years according to article on MSN: ‘The estimated number of victims of trafficking and slavery in Britain has risen tenfold from 13,000 in 2013 to 136,000 in 2018. Last year, there were 5,145 cases reported in the UK – the highest on record.’
I never hear that about Brexit on the BBC – it’s all about ‘racist Brits’!

Sorry to Manchester City fans. I’ve supported your rise in the Premier League, despite the Arab owner, who seems okay as far as I know. I like Pep’s style of football, some of your great players, including Sterling, Mendy and Sane, but most of all… your sky blue shirts!

For lots of super intelligent research and writing, trying to help women avoid traps like the above; in contrast to ever luvvie popular pied piper of grooming Russell Brand!; please see my books on Amazon: (Sorry to advertise them along with the tragic stories above, but if nobody reads me I can’t do anything to stop them… as I don’t seem to have done… hopefully I’ve saved some… and everybody else seems to want to jump on the anti-white bandwagon to promote themselves!?)

XaW Files: Beyond Humanity (Fantasy Travel by Google Maps Book 3) by [Latham, Marc]   


British Media Blame Britain for Syria Chemical Attack

Hi, it’s Gnome-Chomper Wolf, creative critical analyst in the nether regions of the Greenygrey world; in the style of Noam Chomsky. While Noam Chomsky and his friend Herman tend to criticise everything Western, I tend to be more balanced, in line with Greenygrey thinking.

British Media Frame Britain for Sarin Attack 

Herman - Contentment Closeup
Herman – Contentment Closeup (Photo credit: toastie97)

With Britain opting out of attacking Syria, I hoped the media would stop focusing on it so much, with it being only one of many conflicts going on in the world at the moment.

However, not only has the media continued warmongering, but it is also trying to bring the British government into the frame for the Syrian chemical attacks; as seen in the Daily Mail.

While I don’t agree with selling dangerous elements to unstable and aggressive regimes, Kev Lilburn highlighted on Facebook that the sodium fluoride and potassium fluoride in question are used in toothpaste and cosmetics, and weren’t banned from being sold to Syria at the time.

I think this kind of reckless story can inspire British citizens to turn against the British government, for false reasons, and even lead to tragic attacks like that on Drummer Lee Rigby in May.

Chapman as Brian Cohen in Life of Brian
Chapman as Brian Cohen in Life of Brian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is just the kind of story loved by the George Galloway’s left-wingers who blame everything on Britain and the ‘West’ even if they have democratically voted to stay out of the conflict, and it’s the left-wingers’ beloved leaders in Syria, who are overseeing and doing all the killing.

Herman and Chomsky Propaganda Model

The ‘right-wingDaily Mail reporting this as a sensationalist story criticising the mainly ‘right-wing’ Conservative-LibDems coalition government goes totally against Herman and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model of Media, as found by Marc Latham in his research on the Kosovo Conflict. Marc wrote:

“Herman and Chomsky also theorise that the media would accept ‘one’s own state’ tells the truth; but the discussion section showed the media openly commented on the ‘propaganda’ being released by NATO in a two-way propaganda battle, and warned when it was unverified.

Herman and Chomsky also: ‘expect great investigatory zeal in the search for enemy villainy…but diminished enterprise in examining such matters in connection with one’s own and friendly states;’ but the results and discussion section showed the media spent as much time investigating the NATO collateral damage incidents as the reports of Serb war crimes, and this was especially true of the NYT after the Chinese embassy bombing.” 

Marc Latham’s PhD thesis was published by Lambert Publishing and is available for a lot of money on Amazon.

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