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Escape Margaret Thatcher 1980s Memories to London Fashion Spring/Summer 2013

Hi, it’s Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, comedy-satire fashionista suprema @ Greenygrey central, with influences including Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld and Bruno. Yesterday saw the passing away of Margaret Thatcher, Prime-Minister of Britain during the 1980s, when Marc Latham was a youth. Marc was a  scruffy socialist at the time, totally opposing the attack on the unions by Thatcher. Oxymoronically, he did also dream of escaping to LA: to live a life of heady hedonism with Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue on the beaches and in the clubs of the acutely capitalist City of Angels.

Mixing Politics and Fashion

I think I know how Marc felt this morning, as I mixed listening to the divided bitter opinion about Margaret Thatcher with forming this post about the united happy London Fashion Week Spring/Summer collection 2013; like a DJ using two decks!

In digression, is genius at its essence simply the mixing and connecting of two seemingly unrelated data, materials or issues?

And today’s blog is now of course in line with yesterday’s poetry post about mixing depressing news with escapism, in line with Greenygrey theory.

The Greenygrey has looked for the meaning of everything in the human world, and at the moment thinks the answer is to be found more in fashion than politics.

Returning to London Fashion Week Spring/Summer

Returning to London Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2013 show was a real trip down memory lane; a lane that felt unlit when first found. After entering the highlights, I couldn’t relocate the spring/summer collection at first, and thought it might not be there any more!

But then my logical mind kicked in, and I thought it must still be there, what with spring having briefly returned to the UK on the weekend. Then I saw the little arrow next to Autumn/Winter 2013, and found my way!!

London Fashion Week Research Method

Having found my way on the path to fashionable spring/summer 2013 I then had to decide a research method, as there were so many great greenygrey and other outfits.

So I decided to choose the first great greenygrey outfit, rather than plough my way through them all. However, after I had chosen Day 4s outfit, Daisy Lowe‘s cool rock chic look enticed me into the video highlights, and I noticed a great greenygrey number by Burberry Prorsum (reminding me of the great Dame Edna, a lover of possums and star of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps), so I included that too. Then I noticed we didn’t have any blonde models, and I didn’t want to be accused of blondism, so I included a blonde model from Day 4 too; making Day 4 rather hectic!!!

London Fashion Week Recognises Great Greenygrey

The video highlights also alerted me to how much Ab Fab greenygrey there was at the fashion show too; including on the logo and catwalk. So I quickly snapped up a couple of images to introduce the post.

Wow, this was intended to be a quick easy blog, and has turned into something of an epic. Anyway, although there was a lot more greenygrey on view, that’s all for now, and on with the show:

fashion spring2
Greenygrey starring in the London Fashion Week Design!


Greenygrey on the catwalk made the Day 5 video highlights!
Greenygrey on the catwalk made the Day 5 video highlights!

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 1

Antoni and Alison

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 2

Huishan Zhang

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 3

Holly Fulton

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 4

Peter Pilotto
Burberry Prorsum
Michael van der Ham

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 5

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