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OCD Poetry: Making Light of Mental Health

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Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem tries to find a lighter side to OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), which David Beckham is supposed to suffer from in a not serious way, but can be fatal for some people.
Arts and Minds Mental Health Philosophy
Finding a lighter side to raise awareness of this serious issue is in line with the philosophy of Arts and Minds, Leeds, which Marc Latham is a member of.  If anybody would like more information, there is an OCD-UK charity, and probably one in your country.  Marc Latham knows this poem is unlikely to cure anybody of OCD, but hopes it will do more good than harm.
The Poem

Turning Around OCD

cod doc
file of fish
only control direction
obvious central division
obsession can’t deliver
doctor of fish
doc cod

ODD that: Poem Opposing ODD Singularity

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I think mental health labelling can probably be useful in some cases, but feel that they are also too common, and can be used against the individual.  One of these is ODD: Opposition Defiant Disorder.  I have not been diagnosed with it, but certainly relate to it, and can imagine it being a convenient label for those who have tried to psychologically suppress me.
While there are some cases where it probably has relevance, and some times when I might have been guilty of getting my opposition wrong, I can also see it being used to control people who have a just case, such as victims of those who use power sadistically.
For example, the demonstrators in dystopian societies could be said by those with power to be suffering from ODD.
Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem, and the last of the Control trilogy, defies convention and questions the oddity of ODD.  Enjoy the sun, or whatever you feel like doing!
Human and Society Chicken and Egg Dilemma Oddly Solved
do people give reason to hate
to feel it’s deserved and not
an all too common human trait
does ODD have an opposite?
better to feel you’re at fault
than think that humanity is not
usually as perfect as it ought.