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Pilot Whales and Dazzling Dolphins Follow Early Birds

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, satirical comedy sports correspondent at the Greenygrey. Congratulations to Rafa Nadal on his French Open win for Team GG. Unfortunately, Red Bull equalised later that day as Sebastian Vettel won the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix, meaning the weekend ended all square between probably two of the greatest animal-orientated sporting brands ever to have never really fitted into a circle.

At the Greenygrey we don’t believe in thinking outside the box; we live outside it!

Early Bird Planning or Wild Goose Chase

Goose and duck
Goose and duck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want to be a sporting champion you sometimes have to do some preparation; and the same is true for beating the greenygrey. Today, I checked the weather forecast, and got out in the morning while the sun was out, before the greenygrey turned up at lunchtime.

Our legendary travel correspondent Jack Wolfpac argues that it’s sometimes better to just go out and take your chances, on a mystery tour unaware of destination and weather conditions.

I think that’s probably true, and it depends on time and circumstances; fitted into a Greenygrey philosophy.

Surreal Pilot Whales and Playful Dolphins 

Playful Dolphin
Playful Dolphin (Photo credit: The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel)

Talking of sport and animals, some animals and birds look like ducks out of water on land; like seals… and ducks. Whales and dolphins probably would too, but they don’t venture out of the water.

However, in water they can look sublime, graceful, fast and fun; as shown in four recent videos Marc Latham uploaded to the Greenygrey3 channel on YouTube.

Here’s the best two in my opinion. The first shows pilot whales swimming effortlessly through the sea; like ducks in water. The second shows playful dolphins swimming alongside, under, and in front of the Catamaran Bonadea II. A dolphin calf brightened by the sun rolls in a sparkling sea.


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Science Stories about Brain and Space Inspired Poem

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, news hound at the Greenygrey. There were lots of interesting stories in the latest World Science newsletter, so I’ve copied the links below. Some of them partly inspired Marc Latham’s latest FM poem about similarities in the shape and scientific knowledge about space and brain. Enjoy.

After anesthesia, “primitive” consciousness
awakens first
Brain structures that we share with many animals go
into action first as awareness emerges, research finds.


Coupled stars seen as chief diet for hungry
black holes
Black holes at the hearts of galaxies may grow by
swallowing single stars from pairs of stars, a new
study proposes.


Earth-like planets could number “billions” in
our galaxy
Red dwarf stars host an abundance of worlds that
could hold liquid water, astronomers report.


Planets from long ago puzzle astronomers:
Scientists have identified a planetary system that
they describe as a likely survivor from one of the
earliest cosmic times.


Link between fast food, depression “confirmed”:
A new study supports past research tying fast food
consumption to a greater risk of depression.


All cattle descend from one small herd, study
Living cattle descend from as few as 80 animals
domesticated from wild oxen in the Near East some
10,500 years ago, a DNA analysis suggests.


2nd study links pesticide to bee epidemic:
Mysterious collapses of honeybee populations may be
explained, scientists say.


Dolphins may be dying due to U.S. oil spill,
scientists say
Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico are showing signs of
severe ill health, according to preliminary findings
from a U.S. agency.