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Textured Photography and Digital Collages Portray Greenygrey Fact and Fiction

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, still head honcho in Greenygrey Arts after the unsuccessful search for A(were)WOL(f) Andy Wolfhol. You know, there’s an old saying in the Greenygrey world; maybe ol’ Wolfhol is in that place.

Planning and Formatting an Artistic Blog

I could have done with some help this week, as I was overwhelmed by greenygrey when I visited emorfes. But it was in a nice way, as there were loads of great greenygrey images. I wondered how I was going to mold all that greenygrey into this blog… and then I thought of an idea I think even ol’ Wolfhol would consider fifteen minutes… and Perisher Marlon would consider genius.

Out of several blogs I decided to focus on Julien Coquentin’s textured photography and Catrin Welz-Stein’s digital collages, with a greenygrey fact and fiction theme. They are intermingled below in fact and fiction form, with the first, third and fifth by Julien; and second, fourth and sixth by Catrin.

Idea at the Beginning of the End

And now, as I neared the end of the blog, about to choose Catrin’s images to go with those of Julien’s already imported into the Greenygrey world, I saw a narrative emerge. The power of dreams and movement – body, mind and spirit.

We don’t recommend going AWOL like ol’ Wolfhol until you’re good and ready though. The mind is a good and safe place to travel.

Artistic Greenygrey Images Featured on Emorfes


digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-5


digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein


digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-2

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Dream Travel: Mirror Picture Story Folds Fact and Fiction

Marc Latham’s blog mixing mirroring images of textured photography by Julien Coquentin and  digital images by Catrin Welz-Stein from the emorfes blog fold fact and fiction into a dream travel narrative. Here’s two of the six images used:

digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-5


Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).


Gustav Willeit’s Unconscious Archetype Mirror Images

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. Ol’ Wolfhol wasn’t too happy yesterday, but he got some of his words mixed up, and I just cleaned them up for him (corrected line: It also structures the lines into two-by-two word-first-letter combinations, such as two Ts and two Cs in the first line…). I won’t bother telling him though, as it will probably make him look for something else to criticise when he once again emerges from the Werehouse.

Mirror Doubles Reflect Jung Collective Unconscious?

Sorry to have missed Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem. The eMORFES site is showcasing such great greenygrey folding mirror images that I must have got complacent, thinking I had a steady supply of relevant art. Anyway, the eMORFES site has delivered again with Perspe: Photography by Gustav Willeit

There are a couple of examples below, and Alexa Mutschlechner also provides an introduction that seems very relevant to the Greenygrey and Folding Mirror poetry: ‘The theme of the mirror and the double has always fascinated man and the pictures from the series PERSPE are wildly suggestive and possess a sense of mystery, existing somewhere within the border of illusion and reality.’

Perspe_Photography_Gustav Willeit6

Perspe_Photography_Gustav Willeit1

The double and mirror reflect the archetypes hard-wired into our collective unconscious hypothesised by Carl Jung: the shadow and anima/animus; which I had read about before joining the Greenygrey.

Showing Alert Independent Initiative

I was going to end my blog there, but just thought of what ol’ Wolfhol wrote yesterday, so I thought I’d google more images by Gustav Willeit. And I’m glad I did, as I found enough to fill several blogs. A few are below. I think Wolfhol’s going to be pleased with these:

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Connections of Life, Nature and Universe in Arts and Science

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill. There was a great greenygrey start to Brian Cox’s new BBC life and nature documentary Wonders of Life first episode: What is Life?

Wonders of Life dragonfly

Yes, that was the first image of the documentary, as you can see from the 00.01 time. It could have been a long-lost greenygrey world for all I could decipher. And I wasn’t that far off. It was a dragonfly’s eye in an insect greenygrey world; known as a pond by humans.

Wonders of Life dragonfly3

It would soon metamorphise into a nice bright pretty colourful dragonfly, as Greenygreys can shapeshift; but dragonflies only do it once in their short lives; leaving its greenygrey past (as seen in the image) in the background, and fly out above the plants and water into the sun.

Wonders of Life dragonfly4

It was a promising start to Wonders of Life, and nice to see Brian did a great grass and shirt greenygrey photo shoot for the series cover shot.

wonders of life

I’d have preferred a wolf pup of course.

How the Universe and Life Works

In a similar vein, Ben Gilliland provided a fantastic introductory summary to how the chemistry and physics of life and space works in the Metro newspaper (March 21st, 2013). It’s also available on his cosmonline blog.

Put Your Hands Up by Joel Robinson

Talking of similar veins, Joel Robinson’s Put Your Hands Up highlights the connections between humanity and nature in his artwork; sometimes using glorious greenygrey; as with these images showcased on the eMORFES website:

Put Your Hands Up_Joel Robinson5

Put Your Hands Up_Joel Robinson1

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Humanity and Nature Greenygrey Graphic Art

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s thrillingly poetic episode of Werewolf of Oz, and are now ready for some great greenygrey art. The Greenygrey world has been so busy lately, and Andy Wolfhol has been so busy in the werewolf warehouse, that we’ve fallen behind with the eMORFES art design and oddities website warehouse’s great greenygrey graphic art. So here’s a few highlights from the past few weeks:

Surreal Illustrations by Igor Morski

Surreal-Illustrations-Igor Morski1

Surreal-Illustrations-Igor Morski6

Exploding Paintings by Hua Tunan

Exploding-Paintings-Hua Tunan5

Exploding-Paintings-Hua Tunan4

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Street Art by Eoin using Buildings and Nature

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. I’m back after a good training scheme in Greenygrey ethics.  I learnt that I wasn’t hired just because the Greenygrey liked me. It’s not about  only satirising people it likes, it’s also about who the blog is comfortable satirising.

Street Art by Eoin in Ireland

I feel really comfortable bringing you some great greenygrey folding mirror images from the eMORFES art, design and oddities blog, featuring street art by Eoin in Ireland. I also quite like Marc Latham’s comment after he reblogged them onto fmpoetry.wordpress.com:

‘…walls folding time
mirror image sublime…’

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now, here’s some greenygrey images by Eoin; folded by the corner image in the middle (nice little artistic touch from ol’ Baron there!?):





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