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GG in New York, New York (So Good they Named it Twice)

Hi, its Greenygrey. Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s epic comedy – fantasy classic episode. Today, we’re back down to earth with something very real. Well, in fact we’re going even lower than that, to under the earth…

One of the problems with travelling rapido like we did across North America (Grey took its time a bit more across Oz) is that you miss some of the hidden away local delights, as I/we did in our ground-breaking and acronym-creating ramble across North America. Both books are of course now available on Amazon.

GG in New York, New York History

From what we remember, by the time we reached New York we were plum-knackered, having crossed the continent three times. That’s the only excuse we’ve got for missing out New York’s G subway line, which was originally called the GG line.

G map
G map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We don’t like to speculate about which half of us might have been kept or discontinued, but the line is now coloured lime green on the official subway map (see below).

Closer Study Brings New Discovery

We were hoping to leave it at that, thinking we had enough for one blog, but then a closer look at the New York subway map showed not only another green line running parallelish to the G line, but also a grey one; and unbelievably, they cross each other.

What a joy it must be to travel on the ex-GG G line and other greenygrey lines in New York, New York, and especially at the meeting points between green and grey.

All they need now is greenygrey trains!

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Kalbarri Barry Helps Out Werewolf of Oz and Bonzo

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We think it’s about time you got another thrilling episode of Grey’s epic comedy-fantasy travel-quest classic Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps. So while Australia sleeps (or parties), here’s the next thrilling instalment of your favourite werewolf travelling the world saga, with Grey’s first full day of travel with Bonzo Scottie. It turned into an exciting day, that led to the beginning of the big battle that would dominate the rest of the journey:


We said goodbye to Celia in the morning and got back on the road. It wasn’t long before we passed my town namesake, Grey. Travelling the Grey Road out of Grey was a joy, and I once more felt glad to be Grey.

Kalbarri Calamity Averted

We kept ahead of schedule all day, so I thought I’d call Barry the Bottlenose Dolphin when we reached Kalbarri; Dolly had given me his number, and said he was often in west coast waters. I don’t know what inspired me to call Barry in Kalbarri.

An adult female bottlenose dolphin with her yo...
An adult female bottlenose dolphin with her young, Moray Firth, Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I shapeshifted into a dolphin again and sent out some long-range clicks, but Barry replied that he was out with the family on an ocean safari off Jungulu Island.

However, it wasn’t a totally wasted call, because he warned me there was a storm heading our way, and recommended heading inland. He said there was a friendly meerkat community in Meekatharra that would help us on our way.

Horseshoe range Meekatharra
Horseshoe range Meekatharra (Photo credit: Railways of Australia)

The horizon was looking grey. Although I half wanted to meet the storm, and see if I fitted in with it, I didn’t feel it was fair to Bonzo; and the meerkat community did sound fascinating. So we took Barry’s advice and headed inland.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox follows Epic Poem and Guiness Theme

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonthehill. Green and Grey are spending some time together today, enjoying the springish sunshine we’re enjoying. I was asked to do the blog today because I’ve been rabbiting on about watching Fantastic Mr. Fox on Channel 4 this afternoon at 17.50. While we didn’t like The Grey film, we think it is balanced by some great  pro-animal films.

If you need a warm-up before Mr. Fox, here’s a couple of Grey’s blogs we’ve recently imported into the Greenygrey world, starting off with an epic literary nonsense poem.

Epic Poem Fantasy Travels New South Wales North Coast

Shark Creek Bridge near Maclean, originally pa...

We had a good night in Macquarie,
slept well without hearing snory,
had a filling breakfast first thing,
and then it was time to get going.

Hat Head

We travelled slower than the day before,
as our arms ached and heads were sore,
Hat Head was therefore a welcome break,
and my emerald cork hat seemed to wake.

Coffs Harbour

We were ready for a drink by Nambucca Heads,
but quickly left when offered four sambuca reds,
Coffs Harbour looked nice but sounded dangerous,
for those vulnerable to colds and viral illness.


Then my hat seemed to be dragging me on,
as if to a faraway land in a time once upon,
we raced the Pacific Highway to Korora,
even though it meant missing an aurora.

Moonee Beach

Moonee Beach flashed right past,
with my hat changing gear to very fast,
I didn’t know where we were going,
but the journey certainly wasn’t boring.

Emerald Beach

Then I saw the beach ahead was green,
I think it was the limiest I’d ever seen,
so I thought I knew what my hat was up to,
and felt it could be this journey’s breakthrough.


Welcome to the Jungle: Emerald Forest Beach

English: Putting Green, St Ives The green belo...

As we drew closer to Emerald Beach I was growing ever more apprehensive.  My last few experiences of green hadn’t worked out very well.  There was our terrible meeting with Smiggin Holes, Lord of the Green; the green ray I’d seen before our awful Swan Lake experience; and then we couldn’t get past Green Point after been boomeranged fromBoomerang Beach.

I thought Green would probably have had much better luck at those places, and maybe I just wasn’t cut out for this solo (originally) epic rambling lark.

Landing on Emerald Beach

My emerald cork hat almost dragged me onto Emerald Beach; it seemed to be growing in strength, and I now felt like it was wearing me more than the other way around!

When I took the hat off I saw it had become invisible apart from the corks.

Emerald Beach has a Deep Secret 

I put the hat back on and it pulled me towards a cliff framing the far side of the beach.  I looked back at the others, who followed and seemed to share my curiosity.

Out of the corner of my eye,
in the now seemingly distant ocean,
I thought I saw a commotion,
and wondered what it could be.

It was difficult making our way through all the emerald; like struggling through dense jungle.  But my hat was a good guide and we soon reached the cliff at the end of the beach.

The hat dragged me on, around the edge of the cliff, until I saw where it must be heading.  Emerald Beach had a secret cave.

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