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Unethical corporates playing politics… for profit?! UNILEVER AND meghan markle!!

I thought it was a bit rich (pun intended) Unilever (via Ben and Jerry) playing politics when they’ve always been considered one of the most unethical companies; such as by Ethical Consumer. Here’s an off the cuff first draft and second morning-after edit I posted on Facebook.

Corporates and anarchists united!? More people = more profit = more eco destruction = short term outlook = like eating fattening ice cream instead of dieting!!
Ethical consumer very critical of them, for using palm oil and lowest possible rating on animal testing!!!
One of the companies to boycott now trying to be all PR; maybe using same as Meghan!!!!

My reaction to Ben and Jerry (Unilever really, B+J is just their nice brand face to sell more!) criticism of UK immigration policy was an off the cuff first draft.
If Unilever’s immigration policy resembles B+J ice-cream (fat instant hit, bad for the body later), a more reasoned sensible and thoughtful policy is like eating slow-burning carbs, such as a banana.
Unilever stand for no control and discipline, while what they criticise is like a well balanced diet!

I think I could be a top Hollywood PR now, like my namesake Sara, who’s heading Meghan Markle PR; which seems similarly hypocritical to Unilever! I tried taking the more ethical route of exposing and criticising PR, but now the ‘left’ seems to be putting population before planet… led by these corporate PR campaigns and the ‘new consumers’!!

London Fashion Week Greenygrey Highlights

Hi, it’s Stella LagerwolfBruno, fashion correspondent at the Greenygrey. The Greenygrey took the Greenygrey fashion team down to the London Fashion Show last week, and it was great to rub shoulders with today’s leading fashionistas, such as Ga Ga, GG and RiRi. Moreover, the Felder-Felder twins put on a fantastic FF impersonation of GG.

Reading too much into this photo, and trying to twist everything to fit into a greenygrey theme, we believe they used black and white to keep the true greenygrey message under the surface, where only greenygrey connoisseurs will be able to deconstruct the intended depths… of satire we were born.

Felder Felder

Anya Hindmarch 2013 Collection

While I checked out the clothes, I sent Paco Wolfsang over to have a look at the accessories. He brought back a video and photos of a great Anya Hindmarch greenygrey display and collection.

The video is available on the London Fashion Show website, and here’s a couple of highlights from the handbags-dominoes display (we hope no Greenygreys were hurt in the making of the handbags, and especially the Stella ethical consumer in me!):




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