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Leeds Tour de France Le Grande Depart Article

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, travel writing correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by the legendary travel writer Jack Kerouac. I was delighted to see this morning that there’s a new travel article on Leeds hosting Le Grande Depart of the Tour de France on July 5th.

Go Nomad Travel Site Photo

The article is on the Go Nomad site, which has been a leader in alternative travel writing on the web since 2000.

The article provides travel info about Leeds and Yorkshire through a virtual tour of the city, as well as providing a little historical and retail facts. There’s also a lot of photos and a little of the author’s endurance sport history in the region linking the info and facts together into a travel article.



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Poetry and Memoir Book Event at Waterstones

Marc Latham enjoyed his book event at Waterstones, Leeds and it was a fun and good experience.  Thanks to the staff and customers for making it a well organised and hassle free event.
Here’s some photos of Marc and his display, which included old t-shirts, diaries, magazines and his passport from back in the day when he was being inspired to write and then actually writing.