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Nothing exists for a reason
weather without season
mind matter measling.

Atoms on a spinning ball,
charging together,
out of control.
Lucky we’re not heading for a big fall,
into a black hole event horizon jowl!

Sunrise on my mind,
sunset underneath,
sundown s-witches places,
before I sleep

Posting this inspired the following:
Far better to live alone with the weather,
than suffer abuse just to look ‘together’.

I’m not trying to break any relationships up, and think most of my readers are quite individual anyway; so these are words of community, rather than anarchy; the community of free spirits.

These feelings are eternally mine; a constant theme in my poetry and philosophy; and not a recent feeling. Near the end of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity there is a wordplay on the Wizard of Oz‘s ‘There’s no place like home’. In middle-age I can see the wood for the trees, and the bubble of life I passed through; the incline I climbed. Life is an endurance event: some have extra handicaps imposed on them; while those who don’t usually look for them and pick them up. Most are human/media creations, and can be avoided by those who stick to the real world: with real life (including a normal honest relationship) and nature.

Isolation Generation

Nobody built bridges
or dug deep ditches
to where my mind
resides with own kind.

The above Facebook sized poem developed from this thought, that I first posted as a draft here yesterday:
Bridges (positive) and ditches (negative) built in my wake to imply I was diverted away; attention; from reaching my intended destination.

Short Poem, Deep Thought

The Generation of the title mainly refers to generating; as in isolation generating a mindset; but abstractly can also work for those living amongst covid-19: while it’s impossible not to be affected by it, maybe some will learn from it for the better of their mind? 

I think I’m mentally where I thought I’d be at this age; either alone or with a soulmate; but I’m not sure when I started thinking that. Certainly, the greenYgrey decade (2006-2016: 40-50 years of age) was a transition period I set out, and wrote about, but don’t think I knew much about the future before that. 

Talking Heads and the Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson back again. I took the hint from your reaction to my raising a-were-ness joke and went in search of some existential Greenygrey history. It didn’t take me long to unearth some 1970s Greenygrey gems.

Talking Heads and Greenygrey

As shown in New York at the BBC, the Greenygrey once shared a stage with Talking Heads, most famous for their song Road to Nowhere, which is a kind of musical Groundhog Day, and how Greenygrey (and Grey when solo) often felt on the epic fantasy-travel rambles.

talking heads

Some of the band even had fun synchronised greenygreying while playing:

talking heads5

And when I searched the Road to Nowhere video I found Greenygrey played multiple parts. Here’s just a couple:

talking heads6

talking heads7

I’ve run out of time on the road to nowhere, so Blondie’ll have to wait until the next blog. Here’s the Road to Nowhere video. How many Greenygrey parts can you find?

Existentialism and Stonehenge in Glasgow Art Imagine Documentary

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol, I was thrilled to see at least two cases of greenygreyism in the BBC’s Imagine documentary on the Glasgow art scene.

David Shrigley calls Glasgow Weather Existentialist

In the 23rd minute of the documentary, David Shrigley described the Glasgow weather as existentialist, as you see so little of the sun you forget it’s there.

House for an Art Lover designed by Charles Ren...
House for an Art Lover designed by Charles Rennie Macintosh, Bellahouston Park in Glasgow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were a few trees around to add the green for the Greenygrey combo. Moreover, the sun was shining at the time, and the presenter Alan Yentob said it does make the light look great at times like that.

 Jeremy Deller‘s Stonehenge Creation

The documentary also showed the Stonehenge bouncy castle we previously reported here at the Greenygrey in the 59th minute of the 63, and interviewed its creator, Jeremy Deller.

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 20: Exhibition staff...

Deller is actually based in London, but likes the vibrant Glasgow arts scene.

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Existential Questions of Greenygreyness?

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol, deep thinking artistic visionary at the Greenygrey.  You know, sometimes when I’m wondering about the meaning of everything my mind becomes so boggled that I wonder if my colleagues and I at the Greenygrey are even real.

How Real is the Greenygrey?  Like Night and Day?

Although we have been around for many centuries, there is only a few years evidence in the human world.  But then, night and day were around for a long time before being observed and named by humanity, so you could say we are as old as night and day.

How Real is the Greenygrey?  Like Virgin, Red Bull, Apple and City?

It’s hard to imagine a world without Virgin, Apple and Red Bull now, with the companies expanding and evolving from one market to many different ones. Red Bull has motor racing and football teams, and has become almost statelike.

Towns and cities of course usually grow out of small settlements; they have emerged and disappeared just like the liquid in a can of Red Bull, although of course over a longer time period and slower pace.

How Real is the Greenygrey?  Living in the Cloud.

We are hearing more and more about the cloud where the computer information of the future will be stored.  As human civilisation becomes more virtual, will we feel more real; I feel pretty real already though!

Feeling So Real
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