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Autumn Leaves Fall Earth

Thanks for your visits and responses to the Autumn/Fall leaves poem. I found a few leaves with those colours today. I think I remember seeing one with all the colours last week. Here’s a few photos of the leaves, assisted by my beloved partner, sun… and Earth and trees too of course!

Mirror Poem Inspired by Wolf Photo

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem is an ekphrastic one  inspired by a wolf calendar photo. The October wolf’s grey paws seemed to join it to the rock it stood on, so the connection between wolf and Earth seemed a good topic for a mirror poem. Here it is:

Wolves 2012 Calendar, October Star Wolf

fire melting gold
fall full flow
leaves oval shaped
seem to poke
fun behind rump
on thin reaching branches

both stand on rock, green and grey coloured

under strong running legs
paws resemble  plinths
keep head grounded
feminine tongue smiles
sunrise eyes shine
below mountain peaks

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