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Winter Solstice Month Away Means mistYmuse Week Day

The way I see sunrays sweetly sing, and songbirds softly shine, I think it must be… mistYmuse week…

Through Trees Horizon, Inspirational Words Arising

winter sun
gentle one
subtle fun
no sunburn
year’s done
timeless pun
mistYmuse return, yet again
without pain
no disdain
still unsane*
freedom’s fane*
perhaps inane*
Y-tying m-twain*

*unsane – intentional non-word, describing state neither sane or insane.
*fane –  temple. Found while looking for ‘feign’ originally!
* inane – recognition that this is ‘just’ art.
*mistYmuse – Y joining two m-words.

Bottom half changed course from:
words play
four day
Morgana Fey
greenYgrey say


The Cult and Piston Tour Joins Prestigious Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

With Halloween and Bonfire Night finished and a month and a half of dodgy weather doldrums in the northern hemisphere until Christmas I’m sure you’re all delighted mistYmuse 2019 (#mYm2019) starts in a fortnight (not fortnite!).

To begin the countdown (not to the full moon, like in the old greenYgrey days!) here’s another essential on the greenYgrey calendar!

The Cult Sonic Temple Tour

The Cult’s show at the Leeds o2 Academy celebrating their classic Sonic Temple album’s 30th anniversary was chosen as this year’s gYg of the Year, supported by Piston.
So they have been added to the prestigious gYg rock n’ roll hall of fame, now in its second decade:

  • 2009: Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • 2010: Guns N’ Roses and Skid Row
  • 2011: Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Steel Panther
  • 2012: W.A.S.P.
  • 2013: Alice in Chains, Ghost and Walking Papers
  • 2014: The Pretty RecklessHeaven’s Basement and Nothing More
  • 2015: Motley Crue, Alice Cooper and The One Hundred
  • 2016: Black Sabbath, Rammstein, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, The Wildhearts, Halestorm, The Temperance Movement, Kadavar, the Gutterdammerung band and movie, The Electric Wizard, Rival Sons, Sixx A.M., The Amorettes, The Men That Will Be Blamed For Nothing, Avatar, Monster Truck, Whiskey Myers, Grand Magus, Scorpion Child, Inglorious, Royal Republic, Santa Cruz, Deftones, Strange Bones, Graveyard, Tremonti and Gojira.
  • 2017: Guns N’ Roses, The Kills and Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown
  • 2018: Rose Tattoo and Girlschool
  •  2019: The Cult and Piston

Sonic Temple: Sun King and Wild Flower

Here’s a video I took of their opening two numbers. Sun King was my favourite track from Sonic Temple, but there are many great songs in that album and others.
I of course married the Sun last year, but don’t consider myself a king; more a consort!
The Cult were my favourite British band of the late ’80s, after Rainbow and Saxon in the early ’80s.
While Guns N’ Roses were my favourite band, I thought The Cult’s Electric and Sonic Temple would have been worthy successors to Guns’ Appetite for Destruction; and that was probably why Guns poached drummer Matt Sorum from The Cult when Adler had problems during Guns’ follow-up Illusion sessions.

If you liked any of the above, you may like my books, full of ’80s/’90s rock band references. I’ve joined the Woodland Trust to offset paper.

Autumn Leaves Fall Mirror Poem

Here’s a new Folding Mirror poem inspired by the changing season; going to the Rose Tattoo concert, listening to Nick Cave again, as Rose Tattoo vocalist, 71-years-old Angry Anderson, being so engrossed in the music reminded me of the end of Nick Cave’s 20,000 Days On Earth movie (embedded below: especially the last few words about his creative process), and how rock n’ roll should be; and posts on WordPress by those who’ve visited here and I’ve visited there in the last week.

Planetary Journey Around Star, Rings In The Changes

I could live
until summer’s return
hanging in air
moving with wind
within September leaf
riding its veins
with views of
green, yellow, red, brown

but its waving last goodbye,  to its sun cloudy sky

blue, grey, white, orange
falling to ground
remembering budding by
sourcing photosynthesis light
spring was magical
everything was new
but winter’s cold
means colours fade


End of Autumn Falling Leaves Poem

As the last days of autumn/fall in the northern hemisphere lay ahead, Marc Latham’s latest FM poem has the  leaves of deciduous trees as its topic.  Here’s the poetry:
Falling Autumn Gold
dawn’s dazzling deciduous
shining silver bark
naked tree-tops
clothed yellow midrift
leaves illuminated, nature’s neon
lemon skirt glows
barefoot base
fallen fellows floor
sunlight makes radiant

Marc Latham indulges in more speculative bipolar investigatory ruminations in the factual and fantasy worlds on the greenygrey website.

New Poem of Life, City and Season from KJP Garcia

Jacksonville - Main Street Bridge
Image by Guillaume Capron via Flickr
Today we have an impressive and intriguing Folding Mirror poem from a new FM poet: KJP Garcia.  The poem was first published in the Straight to Screen section of Kenyatta’s website, and there have been a couple more since, which will hopefully also appear here soon.  But if you want to read them now, please head over to KJP’s website from the above link.  Here’s the poem, enjoy!
it was july
out for summer
the smells took seat in hair, skin
as the wandering began
past yesterday’s rain, junk
heading down to
main street
winding up on
this block – this place
empty glasses – full seats
another round, before the leaves turn
back to classroom echoes
and their fall.

Poem of Aerodynamic Samaras in Autumn Skies

This is a triple samara or seed, from a sycamo...
Image via Wikipedia
The seeds of Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem have been spinning around in his mind since last autumn, when he saw what he knew as a ‘helicopter’ flying down from tree to Earth.
Autumn Skies Provide Inspiration for Poetry
It was on a nice sunny day walking on Otley Ridge funnily enough, where J.M.W. Turner is thought to have found the inspiration to paint Hannibal Crossing the Alps during very different weather; a thunder storm.
After a little research (mostly on wikipedia) for the poem, Marc learnt that the ‘helicopters’ are seed carrying fruits more scientifically known as samaras, and other ‘nicknames’ include whirlybird, spinning jenny and polynose.  These helped form the lower half of the poem.  Here it is:
Autumn Air Spins Summer Samaras to Equinox Earth
in spring we emerged up high
branches provided home and shelter
all summer we drew strength from the sun
seeds of elm and hoptree in the centre
maple and ash to one side
hidden away amongst leaves
mostly unnoticed
until the time arrives to release and fly
sad to leave, but we carry future growth
from  the canopy we are freed for one flight
spin for distance, more wind means greater range
each of us flying to provide future trees
delighting humanity
whirlybird on strong wind
helicopter rotates in a dizzy state
spinning jenny dances in tune with the season
polynose dives down en masse seeming to race
to Earth’s cradle we fall
and rest hoping our seed survives

British Summertime Greys Limit Harmful UV Rays

Cloudy Day at The Beach
Image by StarMama via Flickr
Sun is Strange,
Rain is Rare,
Cloud is Consistent,
Dryness can be persistent.
In what has been forecast to be a mostly cloudy few days in the UK, Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem dwells on this dull but calm type of weather, which is probably the norm in Britain, but because of its uneventfulness often passes unremembered.
This is the essence of Greenygrey.  Here is the poem:
Times of Dry
about time.
Where have
you been?
in a month
of Sundays,
I bask under
your golden rays.
dry cloudy normality
Ice water drops
drain my day,
stopping play.
Pours on weekend.
it seems
wetter than
reality is.