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Facebook: Anti-White Bias in Future?

From Facebook World – Will Extremism Kill Freedom of Speech?
I post this here in case it gets deleted on Facebook, and because I think it’s too important to ignore. I want to escape from it, but the news keeps dragging me back in!

White people should start flagging anti-white prejudice, promotion and crimes more, from Black Power such as the Hamilton musical black monopoly rewriting history to the Islamists taking over UK city districts and then demanding Sharia law and schooling.

I’m not writing it because I think the British system is brilliant, and it looks pretty bad at the moment with all the stabbings etc. If it was nice positive Buddhism I might be supporting it, but Islamism is one system I consider much worse than the Western – the originator of the whole religion, the Prophet Muhammed, had a child bride himself of course! Ayesha was apparently 6 when married, 9 when they had sex!!

I wasn’t going to post these two stories I saw soon after each other last night: Cherie Blair saying the unfortunate truth about rape in Africa, and some British schoolgirls suffering it while on holiday there (it’s on the BBC website but I never saw it on the TV headline news; in contrast, some unfortunate racist chanting at a football match gets headline news for days); but now that censorship is going to increase:

I know rape isn’t just a black issue, but the black issue isn’t all about a Hamilton musical either, as many schoolchildren might think from watching that, and being kept away from real life by censorship and religious school sectors.

I’m not a white supremacist by the way, although people who don’t want me providing a good role model claim that. I’m a PhD graduate from the critical theory tradition, who started off criticising the (white) Western elite capitalist model, and continued when it went Multicultural Fascist!

Women the Real Victims in Multicultural Fascism UK… and Wild Birds…

Maybe this article was inspired by my posts over the weekend. Don’t know, but hope so!

Sharp Rise in UK Femicide

As well as hundreds or thousands more groomed and raped, the article says:

‘More than 130 women were killed by men in 2017, with two in five cases involving excessive violence, a “harrowing” report has found.

Campaigning MP Jess Phillips has called the murder of women “an epidemic” in the wake of the latest Femicide Census and urged Prime Minister Theresa May to address the issue in “long overdue” legislation to tackle domestic abuse.

The report, drawn up by Women’s Aid, shows a rise in the number of killings from 2016, when there were 113, and 2015, when there were 119.’

Wild Birds Deliberately Killed

a small bird perched on a flower

In more bad news, it’s emerged in this MSN article the UK authorities are also deliberately killing off wild bird populations; I’d thought declining numbers are an indirect result of humanity, but it appears the problem also has an intentional factor!

On a brighter note, I’ve updated the mistYmuse news in this Midwinter  Solstice week with some new acronym gifts on this site’s sister site, travel25years.wordpress.com.


Mirror Poem Contrasting My Efforts for Feminism and Reactions over Last 15 Years

My grooming university tutors and work managers have helped stop me warning about the U.K. grooming epidemic over the last couple of decades, with Telford the latest horror story to hit the headlines, but they were often helped by women, who were also groomed, but at a higher level than the children on the streets.

Mixing Islam and Liberalism like Predator and Prey

I think the biggest reason for the grooming epidemic is that Multicultural Political Correctness opened up the gates of immigration hell while shutting down criticism of cultures from countries that worship a religion whose prophet had a single-figure child bride, and that where child marriage and female subservience is still the norm.

Mixing that with a liberal culture where children expect to be free and independent was like unlocking the cages of a zoo and expecting all the animals to get along and respect each other!

The celebrity and social media ages have added to it, with some of the biggest working-class female role models going from one relationship to another; perhaps for publicity?

Political leaders and academics who’ve been shutting down criticism by calling everybody who mentions it Islamophobic and/or racist have also helped keep it quiet.

Muslim women supporting Islamism while their ‘sisters’ in Saudi and Iran fight for freedom also doesn’t help!

Some women still think I’m against them, because I’m not joining in the ‘competitive grooming’. I’d much rather be acting like Russell Brand apparently was when he was leading his ‘revolution’, while enjoying the sexual spoils, as well as a commercial book deal, but I thought it was better for my ‘feminist’ cause to act the way I have done; not looking like a grooming Pied Piper. It seems I was wrong!

I said then we needed a ‘revolution’ the other way if anything, rather than the younger groomers taking over from the older ones, and that seems to be what’s happening since the Weinstein scandal.

If I’d followed an academic career I’d probably have earned about £500,000 more than I have over the last thirteen years. If this stops me earning money over the next thirteen years then so be it. This issue that I saw at the heart of the ‘Multicultural Fascism’ (my term at the time) I thought I was being stopped from criticising at university was the biggest reason I left academia.

There’s been a lot of niceness and support too, but this poem focuses on the negative. I’ve made it clearer by colouring the words of the ‘second person’, which is a combination of comments or insinuations I’ve experienced, in red.

Celibate for Feminism, Demonise the Sexist

he loves me
I love you not
he idolises me
I tolerate you
he copies me
I’ve seen it all before
he wants to be me
I’m more content than ever

can’t think for himself, contrary thoughts my speciality
buys rhymes with lies, somebody else will pay

I think you need advice
you’re trying to control me
I think you’re too trusting
you’re too possessive
You’re too materialistic
you’re too tight
I don’t like you
you prejudiced weirdo

Madonna and Marc Latham: Controversial Feminists

Hi, it’s Grey Greyvara, wrapping up women and feminism week at the Greenygrey. I just revisited the poejazzi website where Marc Latham has posted a couple of comments, and seen that they weren’t understood properly, or twisted around, so I thought I’d make clear our thoughts on women and feminism here at the Greenygrey.

Persecuted Women Inspired Feminist Blogging and Poetry

When Marc Latham started blogging, one of his first campaigns was against the Taliban treatment of Afghan women. That was before 9/11, and the War on Terror. Newspaper article in Farsi about Atefah's execution

As a socialist, Marc hoped the Taliban could be overthrown, and that would inspire more gender equality around the world.

Marc was also inspired by a BBC documentary in 2006 about the hanging of a troubled young Iranian girl, Atefah Sahaaleh, convicted of chastity offences after she’d been raped (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/5217424.stm).

Marc’s first Folding Mirror poem, written around 2007, and starting the fmpoetry.wordpress.com website in 2009 had this theme:

Stoned Free 

Comfort, Crying, Freedom,

Sold into slavery,

Beaten, Raped,

Unwanted by twenty,

Accused of immorality, Judged,

Guilty of course,

Jeering, Hatred,

Surrounded by men,

Pain, Confusion, Liberation.

Militant Islam Growth

However, Bush allowed the Taliban to recover from defeat, and to reclaim an originally Buddhist Afghanistan for militant Islam.

Moreover, militant Islam has spread into Pakistan, with the shooting of Malala Yousafzai by the Pakistan Taliban for wanting to attend school rekindling memories of the female Afghan teachers who risked death to teach girls behind close doors; defying the Taliban when they first gained power.

Saba Sahar

Last year, Channel Four’s Unreported World reported on Afghan film-makers led by Saba Sahar. She said that she risks daily death threats to continue filming, and that she faces certain death if the Taliban catch her (documentary description available at: http://goo.gl/QeWDkB).

Militant Islam has also spread around the Middle-East since the ‘Arab Spring’, and increasingly into Africa; some of it supported by the ‘West’; with women losing a lot of what rights they had under the old regimes. Last week two British women were attacked in Zanzibar in what looks like a Militant Islamic gender control operation.

Militant Islam Branded as Feminist in U.K. and Europe

I’m reluctant to post about brave Muslim women now, because in Britain and Europe Islam is being branded as ‘feminist’. People inspired by Mulala or Saba might become Muslims, and help the militant Islamic bandwagon propaganda of the fastest-growing religion; thereby ultimately helping the Taliban who would kill both of them if they could.

And because European Islamic feminism doesn’t seem to be led by the brave women and girls who want to learn, work and wear clothes with gender equality; it’s led by women who want to support the Taliban and other militant Islamic men in the Muslim world who dictate how ‘their’ women dress and behave.

Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto / La première mi...
Assassinated Pakistani Prime-Minister Benazir Bhutto  (Photo credit: Festival Karsh Ottawa)

A recent Channel Four news programme featured a British Muslim woman having travelled to Syria to find a martyr, because she couldn’t find one in the U.K. (which looked good for Muslim men in the U.K.); followed by ex-Apprentice businesswoman Saira Khan arguing with a Syrian journalist about women in the Middle-East; with the Syrian woman supporting more gender freedom and equality.

A lot of British people seem to have been brainwashed by New Labour’s multicultural fascism into supporting the most extreme kind of Islam, instead of trying to integrate Islam into twenty-first century Britain and Europe.

Britain and Europe was already far from gender equal before the mass introduction of the more sexist Muslim-led multiculturalism, and seems to have gone backwards rather than continuing to progress forwards.

That backward trend seems to be supported by Victorian-style cover-up-women feminists and the ‘militant left-wing Islamic faction’ gorgeous George Galloway groupies who will support anything anti-Western/American/Capitalist.

Madonna and Chime for Change

Madonna different to glamour models?

Madonna recently starred in the Chime for Change London concert, calling for freedom of education for all girls.

There is no place for werewolves in the campaign (although there was for Beyonce’s Jay-Z, despite his past ‘sexist’ lyrics) and I wonder how the cover-up-women feminists feel about Madonna being such a star at the concert, considering her use of sexuality and nakedness in her career.

I hope they succeed in their campaign, and the Greenygrey is happy to leave them to it. For poor British girls are now under attack from a sexism imported from the above culture. Not that it is new to the U.K., with The Mill television series showing it has been a part of British culture for centuries.

Leading nicely into working-class week at the Greenygrey: the second of the www Ws at the GG.

Dr. Marc Latham has books available on:
Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

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Women and Feminism: Hair Nice n’ Natural not Sexy

Hi, it’s Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, fashion expert at the Greenygrey. Women and feminism week is drawing to a close here, so I think it’s about time we had a little fashion discussion about what looks good, nice and sexy.

Hair looks Nice and Natural

This week we’ve featured a lot of blonde women, and that’s because blonde hair can brighten a greenygrey day.

However, at the Greenygrey we believe hair looks nice and natural, not sexy, so there’s no need to cover it unless there’s a weather-related reason or bad hair day.

I don’t think this looks sexy or nice:

This doesn’t look sexy, but looks nice:

Beautiful Latina Woman Smiling

Natural Hair and Designer Vanity: a Socialist Perspective

At the Greenygrey we believe there is nothing vain about showing your natural self; and that it is much less vain than buying expensive designer scarves to hide it.

Debbie Dingle
Charley Webb plays poor Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When women are forced to hide their hair and other natural qualities, and it is supported by the matriarchs of those societies, it seems to me like the rich and powerful hiding the qualities of the poor and beautiful; making the quality and prestige of headgear more important in terms of attractiveness than natural hair.

As my hair is now grey and past its best, I could call for all werewolves to cover their hair, because with my fantastic fashion sense I’d then be able to look better than all the other werewolves. But I wouldn’t put such a cunning plan into practise.

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Blondie’s Debbie Harry: Adopted Child Cultural Legend

Hi, it’s Wachel Wiley-Coyote, numbers expert at the Greenygrey and Countdown to the Full MoonIt’s women and feminism week at the Greenygrey, and I think there’s few better examples of female role models who’ve struggled through juvenile adversity to legendary status than Debbie Harry of Blondie.

I think I can relate a little to DebThe show in which two contestants engage in a battle of wits, competing against the clock in games of lexical dexterity and numerical agilitybie Harry after my human parallel Rachel Riley was criticised for her short skirts early in her Countdown career.

Tough Childhood to Blondie Success

Debbie Harry was adopted. After graduating college with an Arts degree she struggled through her early singing career with jobs ranging from a BBC Radio secretary to a Playboy Bunny.

Cover of Blondie

After singing in a few bands she found success with Blondie, fronting a band completed with four male musicians. Debbie was of course considered the leader and main focal point of the band.

Harry mixed a cool singing persona with punk fashion and dancing to capture the attention and admiration of both men and women.

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein

Although Harry’s onstage behaviour and dress might have brought disapproval by some people, she had an exemplary long-term relationship with bandmate Chris Stein. 

This included Blondie taking a break for an extended period of time at the height of their success as Harry cared for Stein when he began suffering from the blistering autoimmune disease pemphigus.

Blondie Continue to Rock n’ Roll

Blondie never regained their late 1970s heyday, but have continued to record and tour, and have had several successful records in recent years.

Debbie Harry continues to be an icon for the late 1970s generation, symbolising that time of exciting punk and new wave musical acts. And now she is an example of leading a good and successful life after overcoming early adversity.

Deborah Harry
Cover of Deborah Harry

I wonder if the late-1970s men generation would like and love women as much today without Debbie Harry?

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Women and Feminism Week: Femen to Playboy

Hi, it’s Grey Greyvara, social conscience at the Greenygrey, listening to Nirvana’s Nevermind on a Seattlish weather Monday morning in Blighty after an L.A.ish weather weekend. As regular readers will know, the Greenygrey was formed with a www ethos: wolves, women and working-class; inspired by a mixture of animal welfare, humanitarianism, environmentalism and socialism.

Feminism with a Sense of Humour

And because it’s done seriously elsewhere in the media, we try to add a little comedy to it. In this respect, the y of comedy is the y linking opposing arguments in the Greenygrey; or the different kinds of feminist movements.

I think that while the Victorian-style feminists could be classed as the grey, the nude n’ proud feminists would be the green.

Ethical-Hefnerist Feminism for Men 

The Playboy Mansion - West
The Playboy Mansion – West (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most men like women; unless or until they have a very bad experience with them, and vice-versa; but wouldn’t think of themselves as feminists because it conjures up images of men-hating radicals.

Perhaps the best example of a woman-loving man is Hugh Hefner, who lives with dozens of beautiful women in the Playboy Mansion. Which we’ve just noticed in the accompanying photo can look greenygrey great!

Liberating the Playboy Mansion Chicks 

Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel
Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While nobody forces the women to live there, and it’s a dream for many women who apply to live and work there, the mansion does seem a little like a workplace.

We might be ending our hopes of an invite to the Playboy Mansion, but we believe in wilderness freedom, so as the social conscience of the Greenygrey I believe the chicks should be more free-range.

We also don’t believe in unnecessary cosmetic surgery, so believe the Playboy Mansion should be more organic.

Lads Mags Sexy Humour and Feminist Talibannies 

FEMEN demonstration in Kiev.

As we campaigned against the grooming, raping and prostituting of poor and vulnerable girls for ten years while ‘militant feminists’ in the U.K. kept quiet about it (apart from Ann Cryer if she counts as a militant feminist?), or even tried to keep it quiet and censored as part of the fascist ‘Unite Against Fascism’ we think a little politically incorrect humour should be okay.

But the militant feminist movement seems to have woken up now, with lads mags and glamour models the easy traditional target. While some feminist movements, like Ukraine’s Femen, believe women should have the right to show their bodies any way they want, the British feminist movement seems allied with the Taliban in wanting women covered up.

More women talk this week, and plenty of Hefnerist feminism in Marc Latham’s books on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

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