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fantasy writing food for thought

Fantasy and food creations are similar in that they are both built for presentation to the public. As food is usually a lot of tasty ingredients binding together some nutrition to a traditional recipe…fantasy is usually a lot of entertaining imagery binding together some philosophy to a traditional format!

This movie discusses how Joseph Campbell identified that global fantasy follows basic themes, with the golden buddha story at the start having relevance for the transformation of Greenygrey to greenYgrey:

With relevance to the above, when I started reading for my PhD in 2000 I got side-tracked; my supervisors decided; by structuralism and semiotics, started with Saussure’s langue and parole:

15 years later I think this book made it all worthwhile, ending my ‘fantasy journey’:

New student special: CHARLES manson to BLM

Facebook turned into an unplanned new student young adult special this morning! Probably stuff you won’t see at ‘student induction’: where they start to learn what to support, and what they can’t say… and shouldn’t think!!

Is your student leader a ‘Manson‘? A couple of mine were, but they were much younger than me, so I could control it. They did help to make my university time better, but I think I did the same for them, and didn’t think they owned a share of my life!University students are ripe for brainwashing, perhaps fully free from their parents for the first time, and thinking they know it all, with in fact little knowledge and probably all weighed towards freedom and rebellion, mirroring how they feel themselves, and how they’d like to turn the world into their ideal fantasy world, like they’ve seen in Lord of the Rings, Avatar or Game of Thrones.It was only when I started writing those fictional stories I remembered my greenYgrey world trilogy, and how it tried to keep the right side of reality, like the Valhalla Rising movie did with Vikings/Middle Ages life… and I reference it in the last of the trilogy… I also included satire and parody…

Most people want to experience rather than be told, as I did. Some people are free climbing high buildings or cliff faces, and resent anybody advising them not to. Sometimes I did dangerous things because I didn’t consider them dangerous. and sometimes because I just didn’t care about the consequences.I don’t feel lucky to be alive, but I do feel lucky to have survived without major injury!

White women should start saying the name and campaigning for justice in the Jessica Chambers case: a white women burnt alive, including from the inside out, probably by a black man for refusing sex (like Jodi Miller in Leeds, England, UK); the main suspect is already in prison on another charge, and is a suspect in the murder of another woman. His main defence is the alibi of a woman (black?) he married afterwards.Will BLM money (much of it donated by whites!) help him escape justice?!
Inspired by Regina King wearing Breonna Taylor t-shirt.