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American Road Movies Documentary is Quality

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Hi, it’s Green.  I watched a great documentary by Rich Hall this week about American road movies, and it brought back memories of our Greenygrey Rambles across North America, which became an epic fantasy road book; when I was of course still one half of a full muddled superpower filled vegetarian werewolf with Grey.

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters

The road movies documentary not only reminded me of my rambles with Grey, but also Grey’s solo rambles in Oz, which have reached epic proportions after over a year on the road.

Rich Hall does a pretty good job describing and analysing American road movies, although I was disappointed Thunderbolt and Lightfoot was not included, as I think it was a better film and fit than some of the movies included.

Watching Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters is available on BBC iplayer in the UK until 29th November.  It seems to be streaming on other sites if you are in other parts of the world or reading this after that date.
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Poem of Spider, Cow, Bee, Money, Society Analogy

The Tree of Life
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Marc Latham saw Terrence Malick‘s Tree of Life yesterday at the Leeds Light Vue Cinema, where it is still showing, and totally recommends it for the best cinematic experience of the year (millennium?), and an all-encompassing philosophy that he’s also been searching for over the last few years, including on this site, but admits he doesn’t completely know what the film is about yet.  He’s off to find out on the web soon…if there is a complete rationale!
Anyway, his latest poem is more stuck in the scandals of British society over recent years, although Malick has also investigated the duality of humanity in previous films, and the latest a little, and was doing this sort of thing a long time before Latham.
Distraction in Spin Action
the deadly bee
said the
spider to me
in the web
you can look
here now
my milked prize