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Literary Nonsense Poem told in the First Werewolf

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s definitely time for the first episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps of the week, as it’s Friday. As sunny weather dominates the U.K. and people think more about having a drink, it could also be good timing, as this episode is all about the morning after meeting a very nice Australian institution: Victoria Bitter.

Australian 375 ml stubbie
Australian 375 ml stubbie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Victoria Bitter is more commonly known as VB, and is popular outside Victoria too. We recommend enjoying a beer, but drinking responsibly, unlike our Ozysseyians, who are feeling a bit worse for wear. Here’s the completely literary nonsense Geelong hangover poem episode, told in the first werewolf (stories are usually told in the first, second or third person in the human world) by Grey:


So Long Geelong, Thee VB Ode Memories

Waking up in Tin Can Alley
overlooking Metal Valley
I wondered where we were
the previous night a blur
Angry had a bruised head
Bonzo was painted red
Elle’s hair was all a mess
Cathy looked like Queen Bess
I was lying across the yard
like an outdated discard
then Cathy recounted the night before
how we’d all danced around the floor
after meeting a fine Victorian beer
VB was our friend for life but not without fear
for it could taste so delicious on a hot day
that your mind and body would lose their way.



Tin Can Alley and Metal Valley are fictional. VB is real.


werewolf of oz book cover

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