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Bergen’s Bryggen Old Docks Unesco Site Photos

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, back with the second part of yesterday and today’s double-day simultaneous Bergen city blogcast with the travel25years blog. Today, that blog has (link to site) colourful photos of some sparkling buildings in Bergen’s UNESCO site old docks of Bryggen, while this blog focuses on the greenygrey ones in and around Bryggen.

Bergen’s Bryggen and Neighbouring Areas Photos 

The second and third photos are from the Old Town a little behind Bryggen, and fourth and fifth towards the pedestrian area from Bryggen, but all are either in Bryggen or within easy walking distance.

After my camera ran out of batteries on Day 3 I returned on Day 4 to get the other side of the people’s monument, which is photo 4.

Greenygrey Interesting Background Features

Eagle-eyed greenygreyliens might spot a double greenygrey in this double-day blogcast in photo 5, with the statue in the foreground and roof in the background.

In photo 6 you can see the Floibanen funicular in the background. This is a popular tourist attraction providing transport up to Mount Floyen (320 metres) for a good view over Bergen.

You can see larger images by clicking on them.

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travel25years Bryggen photos

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