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Muse Meteor Message? Did Space Rock Open Earth to Univeral Mind?

After declaring my last poem written and posted on this site a fortnight ago a bit of a muse-inspired stream of consciousness moment of inspired clarity, including the lines:

brain freeflowing
open to cosmos
like puddle to cloud
ocean and rain

and writing about UFOs/space a lot lately, I thought it was a coincidence when I saw a news story about a meteor streaking across the USA before landing in Vinales, Cuba – cover star location for the second of the greenYgrey trilogy: Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

Meteor Day Before

Although I’m pretty sure I saw the meteor story after writing the poem, it happened the day before.

Thankfully, nobody was killed, or I wouldn’t bother writing about it, as I know some people will blame me, with a ‘kill the messenger’ philosophy – pagan (environmental) ones anyway!

Open to Space

While I don’t think there’s any connection really, my ‘romantic’ side thinks the meteor could have broken a hole in the Earth’s protective atmosphere the day before, opening the world up to space, and the universal mind – muse, with some of it landing in my brain, inspiring the poem?

It’s a possibility, although my rational side says it’s just a coincidence.


Werewolf of Oz: More Thrills, Funnies and New Features

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Here’s the next thrilling episode of our comedy-fantasy classic Werewolf of Oz; which is now available at Amazon and no other leading storesall updated, with illustrative images, and the ingenious new flashback feature created by the Greenygrey’s one and only Andy Wolfhol.

Grave of .
Grave of . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


After awakening into a bright sunny morning I again heard the haunting howling lullabies that seemed to be sailing across the waves and straight down my lugholes.

Dolly and the other dolphins were heading out to open sea, so I wished them luck and bade them farewell before heading towards land.

Smell or Sound, Buns or Hound

My senses were thrown into chaos when I reached the shore.

From the north wafted an aroma that promised breakfast buns, while inland to the east there was a lyrical libretto lullaby that sounded like it could be a lapdog and Labrador rendition of Les Miserables.

Another photo of a black & tan singing dog
Another photo of a black & tan singing dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This time, my canine curiosity won the decision of direction debate, and I made a scramble to ramble despite my belly grumbling an’ a rumbling.

Florida Reminder

I took my time as I headed across the South Western Highway. A snake slithering in the opposite direction reminded me of the floor rider in Florida that Green and I met on our North American ramble.

[Flashback to Greenygrey’s Rambles across North America: I was crossing a path, when an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake asked who I was; after I explained that I was the Greenygrey, and travelling across North America by land, air and sea, it said it was called Ernie, and it only rode the floor. We talked a little more after that, but nothing important enough to document here, before I headed back to the BEACH.]

There was no communication this time, and the barking of dogs from over the eastern horizon was the only sound that pierced the 360 degree silence.

An hour later, I reached a sign declaring Welcome to the Collie Town Limits. Was the dog sounding town the source of the hound sounds, and the solution to my canine conundrum?

Collie Buddz (album)
Collie Buddz (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Jack Kerouac (writer).
Les Miserables (musical).


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