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Categories Reorganised with more Focus on Subjects

The subjects of poems can be, how do you say, subjective. So sometimes a poem may be about something different from what is actually written. Anyway, I’ve tried to interpret the poems on the site as best I could, and allocated them into subject categories.

New Categories on Site

I thought this would be more relevant for visitors to the site, rather than the previous categories, which were a bit of a mish mash.

Some notes on the subject categories: culture includes environment; social includes family and society; and mind includes philosophy.

I was inspired to do this by looking through the posts to analyse what subjects have been covered the most in the Folding Mirror poems so far. I’m going to include the subjects in a short article along with how the headings have been used in the poems on the site.

New Folding Mirror Article

I have finished an article on the use of the middle line, and that’s in the poetry section on the Suite 101 site now.