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Happy International Women’s Day

Women are half of humanity.

Reflection 3
Between the freedom of travel
and the solitude of home
is a fantasy world
called society.

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Poem of Human and Animal Mind Conservation

Marc Latham thinks his latest Folding Mirror poem has several inspirations. Here on WordPress a discussion on City Jackdaw‘s blog got Marc thinking about a question asked: Is it the appreciation of art, and of beauty, that sets us apart?

Marc’s also been doing a little biological research on the web, thinking about doing a poem about the two halves of human and animal bodies, getting as far as bilateral symmetry. There’ll hopefully be more poems about that in the future.

It’s Right to Conserve What’s Left 

That’s in its early stages, and this poem quickly developed into a wildlife and nomadic tribes focus, no doubt inspired by Marc recently finding lots of interesting environmental conservation and Native American groups on Facebook and Google+.

Finally, he was listening to old Scorpions and Rainbow music before and while writing the poem, and they have some spacey environmentally conscious songs. So instead of the usual photos above and below the poems he’s embedded the videos.

Human Direction, Wildlife Freedom

nothing left, or up
outside the human mind
written down at least
do dolphins think
in such a way
or do they see the ocean
as eagles fly the sky

turning by sonar, circling on instinct

the land was once open
for nomadic tribes to follow seasons
each day like play
not worrying over
making roots of concrete
inside living mother earth
feeling down, squandered right

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

Poem about Self, Spirit, Society, Nature and Freedom

Yew Tree Tarn, Cumbria
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Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem started with the idea of ‘inhibition’ but then developed into something else during its creation, although it still has an element of inhibition within. The place to escape inhibition is within. Here it is:
Inner Strength, Mental Health
pull down the walls
of the mind
not the community
act savage
in the wilderness
home of freedom
lost paradise, paradise found
escape to solitude
thinking of spirit
remember I
have an animality
deep inside me
my own yew tree

Poem about the Desire to Fly to Freedom

Marc Latham’s latest folding mirror poem is about a gnat, empathy, flight and freedom.   Here’s the poetry:
Not Love, Gnat Empathy
Banging your head against glass
third attempt on double glazing
I don’t like you
gnat on the window
but I empathise
with your attempt
to fly free
amongst nature
once again
window reflects desire
open air
outside there
no real horizons
an oyster world
I keep knocking
my imagination on glass
unable to take off
but I travelled three times
so I open the window.
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New Blog Theme for This Site

Regular visitors will notice the blog’s got a new theme. The first since June 2009.

Twenty Ten by the WordPress Team replaces Tarski by Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson

It again has relevance for the Folding Mirror concept, with the two lines of trees divided by the path in the middle. Is the person on the path a poet?

Claire Knight Winter Snow Poem

Here’s one of three new Folding Mirror poems by Claire Knight that we’ll be publishing here in the near future.

Thanks to Claire for creating another strong and evocative FM and allowing it to be used here.

The snow is falling once again as I write.


pristine snow lies all around
its silence its muffled sound
each crystal glistening a spark
contrasting trees bare and dark
bushes laden with cotton wool clumps
waiting inviting – a longing to touch

this world out of reach through the window

thawing melting – a longing to stroll
the towpath awash with slushy humps
pathways now muddy and clear
I venture out to places near
hearing once more bird sound
in fields green again all around

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