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Golden Day for Teams GG and GB in Ungreenygrey Venues

Thursday was a golden day for teams GG and GB, reports Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams. Team GB started the gold flurry when Nicola Adams took the first female boxing gold medal ever; winning the flyweight division title at Olympics 2012. This was quickly followed by Team GG, which got its fourth gold of the games when Katie Taylor won women’s lightweight boxing gold.

Team GB then won its first taekwondo gold when Jade Jones won gold in the women’s 57kg division. Charlotte Dujardin also won dressage gold for Team GB in a more greenygrey location.

Greenygrey 1-2-3 in Men’s 200m Athletics Final

Team GG got a daily double when Usain Bolt did the sprint double by winning the 200 metres final, after winning the 100 metres last Sunday. Bolt was followed by Blake and Weir also representing Team GG.

Team GB has been solidly in third place since last weekend, and if Team GG was a country we would now be in about 14th place, just behind Japan and the Netherlands, who also have five golds.

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Rowing and Sailing, Team GB and the Greenygrey

Howldy do, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, struggling through this marathon bout of sports presenting for the Greenygrey. Wish I had a cub reporter to help out!

Today, we’re focusing on the water and waves, although we will save some water for a watery Wednesday, with swimming and cycling tomorrow; separate of course, although the triathlon is today, so maybe that’ll be included too…

Four Golds for Team GB and Four Layers of Greenygrey

Team GB won four golds in the rowing, and the venue at Eton-Dornay also showed off the four layers of greenygrey (like a double-filling sandwich) available on an average day on the riverbank, as shown in this image from the BBC website.

In the foreground we have grey water, and then green grass, which make up the lower half of the greenygrey sandwich. Then we have trees rising above the grass, below grey skies. A greenygrey double delight.

Ben Ainslie‘s Greenygrey Connection

Ben Ainslie won his fourth sailing gold in the Finn class race, and the Greenygrey was there to cheer him home.

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Jessica Ennis Leads Team GB Athletics to Olympics Golden Hour

Jessica Ennis completed the Olympics 2012 heptathlon on Saturday night as she began it on Friday morning, reports Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, with an immaculate run to win another of the seven events. This time it was the 800 metres, following great runs in the 100 metres hurdles and 200 metres the day before. Ennis also reached her best in most of the field events, giving her a clear win in female athletics’ toughest event. To complete one of the most memorable hours in British sporting history, Greg Rutherford then won the long jump, and Mo Farah timed it to perfection to win the 10,000 metres. It was an hour British athletics fans will remember for the rest of their lives, and especially those at the stadium. And the Greenygrey was, as shown on the BBC

The Greenygrey Was ThereĀ 

Jessica Ennis’s lead after 6 events positioned amongst the Greenygrey:


The Greenygrey seen from the air:

Running with Greenygrey. Ennis leads the heptathlon 800 metres event running alongside the Greenygrey:

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