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Gravity 3-D Poetry by William Wordsworth of Greenygrey World

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey. I went to watch Gravity in 3D yesterday, and was inspired to write this poem about the first movie I’ve watched in the cinema this year. It doesn’t contain any spoilers.

William Wordsworth Poetry of Gravity

I think my human inspiration William Wordsworth would have liked it.

I bet the old Romantic would have been impressed by how far humanity has travelled; and marvelled at the images of Earth from space.

I think he’d also have liked the way the movie showed our planet’s beauty, and the value of its life and natural resources.

The poem rhymes AABBA, which spells ABBA after an additional A.

Gravity 3D Poetry

See Gravity
in 3-D
for its effects
surpass story.

However, there is narrative
driving the speculative
science-fiction future
orbiting Earth odyssey
reminding reasons to live.

Planet’s land, oceans and rivers
sparkling in sunrise shimmers
living memories of those departed
human chuckles, canine howls
sound heart desire, awakens believers.

Marc Latham has books available on Smashwords and Amazon.

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Mirror Poem Compares Gaia Earth and Venus Plant

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem was inspired by a news report of alien organisms being found on space rock, and scientists stating that it could have been how life started on Earth. The research is still in an early stage, so it’s by no means proven.

Here’s the poem:

Gaia’s Gravity, Alien Attraction

Venus fly trap
sucks living insects
betwitching luscious leaves
crunching nutritional value

in our planet’s bogs, swampy world needed life

comets provided particles
bubbling thermal vents
sprinkled space organisms
Earth hot stew

Artist concept of Gravity Probe B orbiting the...
Artist concept of Gravity Probe B orbiting the Earth to measure space-time, a four-dimensional description of the universe including height, width, length, and time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).