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Eagle Poem about Spirit Animals, Dreams and our shared Environment

Image by Moosealope via Flickr

Marc Latham’s latest poem is about those that inspire dreams in the sky; as well as the increasing danger to wildlife from a human population that has just grown by a billion to 7b in little over a decade, and with some leading thinkers calling for the West to race with China’s uncontrolled building program.

Although it is of course understandable that individual people and collective societies want to acquire a decent standard of living, or protect the one they already have.  Here’s the poetry:

Eagle Down

Imagination inspiration
preparing breakfast
over fantastic spread
swoops downstairs

through unknown tunnel

oncoming traffic
clips resplendent wings
spirit grounded
broken dreamcatcher

Poem featuring Great Spirit Creation Myth missing link?

Grandfather Great Spirit , Fill Us With The Light.
Image by ZedZaP... via Flickr
Marc Latham’s latest poem continues along the theme of other recent poems involving the Great Spirit, Father Sky and Mother Earth inspired by Peter Prew’s The Human Reality.
At the heart of this poem is Marc Latham’s original creation myth for the Greenygrey: that it was born when the green Earth and grey Sky were as one in greenygrey.
This could make the Greenygrey the missing link in the Great Spirit Father Sky and Mother Earth creation myth!?  Here’s the poem:
When Earth and Sky are as One
Father Sky
riding high
except times
when its cirrus
fly amongst
mountain forests
and pea soup
joins it to Earth
Tis the time of Greenygrey
Sky is within reach
touch the void
swirling seraphim
seaside fog
rolling in estuary
islands bliss
giving birth
Mother Earth

Poem about Great Spirit Divided for War and Power

Cooks' Cottage, by S. R. Morse
Image via Wikipedia
Marc Latham is reading Peter Prew’s The Human Reality at the moment, and it inspired this poem.  Prew argues that humanity has been showing the same signs of delusion as a schizophrenic since it gave up its nomadic way of life; when it lived at one with nature and had a horizontal social stratification under the Great Spirit.
Prew considers that since human communities grew and became sedentary, the social stratification has become vertical, and this has led some humans to seek power and declare themselves special under their god.  Consequently, this has led to wars with other human communities, who have also developed in a similar way.  Prew believes it has also led to enslavement and poverty for many.
Here’s the poem, which is roughly cross-shaped.  The title is a play on the old idiom, Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth.
Too Many Gods Spoil the Earth
Sky gods whispered
to Earthmother of the
natural harmony,
the Great Spirit of all.
But humanity hid it under monotheism
Jesus Christ crucified for humanity’s sins
Prophets followed speaking of God dreams
people were kept in dark
resources sacrificed
with love to representatives
of warring Gods.