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Kate Middleton and Sebastian Vettel Star in Greenygrey World

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, with a greenygrey round-up of the big wide world of greenygreyness in the media. Princess Kate Middleton took some great greenygrey photos on her recent tour to south-east Asia, with a great big greenygrey creation myth moment our favourite (although it admittedly doesn’t look that greenygrey below!):

While on the International Business Times website viewing Kate Middleton’s photos I scooped some more companies using greenygrey to enhance their products @ HTC and Undertone. We don’t know anything else about those companies, with the use of greenygrey of course always free.

Brazilian Grand Prix 

Also in the southern hemisphere, the Formula 1 motor-racing season came to a thrilling greenygrey end at the Brazilian Grand Prix. There was a feast of greenygreyness thanks to the colouring of the track, some atypical grey weather, the winner’s podium and a car manufacturer.

Here’s a taste of the track from the BBC website highlights:

And the Greenygrey was there to celebrate the end of the season Grand Prix, won by Jenson Button of GB driving for McLaren-Mercedes:

Sebastian Vettel of Germany won the season’s drivers’ championship driving for our ol’ friends Red Bull, which also won the constructors’ championship.

Mercedes’s greenygreyish car; on the boundary between green and turquoise; had a respectable season, with fifth place out of twelve constructors in the championship:

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Leeds – Liverpool Kirkstall Valley Canal Nature Photos

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Our tour of greenygrey photos today leads south to our current September sunshine on the Leeds-Liverpool canal Kirkstall Valley towpath, including some that could be classified as those rare, exquisite and precious ‘Greenygrey Folding Mirrors’.

Carlisle Collection of Greenygrey Greats

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Here’s another selection of great greenygrey times from over the summer, this time from Carlisle, which is an historic town just inside the English border with Scotland:

Carlisle Castle.

Inside Carlisle Castle.

Can you spot the Greenygrey at the Castle military museum?

Carlisle Cathedral complemented by nice greenery.

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Green and Grey Nature Images

Goodness gracious great balls of greenygrey. Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol, after all my years working in the greenygrey field of arts I am amazed to find myself still amazed by some of the greenygrey creations I find around the world.

Wai O Tapu Thermal Wonderland

Lucy Dodsworth took some immaculate images at the Wai O Tapu (Sacred Waters in Maori) thermal wonderland in Rotorua in New Zealand, including some greenygrey ones like the one below, and posted them on her ontheluce blog. We just love that green at the Greenygrey.

Mexican Giant Tree Frog

From sublime scenery to sticky surface in sweltering surroundings, the greenygrey knows no bounds. Over on the other side of the world, Russell Ray took this  photo of a contemplative greenygrey coloured Mexican giant tree frog in greenygrey surroundings and shared it on his russellrayphotos blog.

Thanks again to Lucy and Russell for capturing the essence of greenygrey from around the world.

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