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I don’t need anything to wake up for…
I just need nothing to sleep…

I used to think I worshipped you,
but now I know it was the ideal me…
because the vision’s become, sun shining through tree.

We should have statues for all the environmentalists killed in Africa, trying to save animals and world, such as the Adamsons (Born Free: Joy and George murdered nine years apart) and Dian Fossey (Gorillas in the Mist).Other statues for locals killed, like the many in the Amazon.

Prophet Mohammed of Islam fame should definitely be cancelled, as he had a 9-year-old in his harem!

It’s ironic that Princess Latifa (mid-30s age) and the other captive princesses are being ‘protected’ by their fathers, when the groomed girls in the UK were being enticed out of their homes, and away from parents who tried to keep their children indoors when they knew what was happening. That’s how Islam works, locking their females up, while grooming others to them, where they ruin their lives, chipping away at local communities, so they can’t have family lives. The Yazidi women raped by I.S. had to leave their I.S.-raped children behind, and they and their families and communities will have to live with it forever.

This is how I feel on the edge of the greenYgrey world, with the bulldozer of mass media humanity against me!

What makes animals automatically mate, fighting each other for a partner and position; sometimes to the death; not seeming to enjoy it, and endangering themselves while pregnant and caring for the young. Only humanity will miss most species; the animals will just miss a mate; probably wondering what life was all about… like many humans now!.

If there was no Earth there’d be no air, devoid of atmosphere. Our space would be void, only matter would matter, not eco disaster

Everything on Earth all in mind, space we know and hope to find, but the bigger picture is beyond mankind, possibilities signed…

Our lost Princess Latifah
looked oh so sweeter
taken by cancer forever
not locked away by father!

The great greenYgrey journey… I’ve often taken too… feeling a pull to England across the Severn… out of more distant travel/music_events necessity… my Jersey birthplace… or ancient memory?

Every Muslim ‘women’ feature should be framed/introduced with the fact that the Prophet Mohammed had a harem that included a 9-year-old: Ayeesha. The Princess Latifa story is the latest example of it not changing much since; following the I.S. treatment of women in the Middle-East, Taliban in Afghanistan, and ‘grooming gangs’ in the Western world.

Above posted on Facebook first.

life is just living, t-day philosophy

Happy t-day: this post was written stream of consciousness (with some from previous thoughts that surfaced along the way!) over 3 posts on Facebook!

Bon (AC/DC) music good for empathy, like daytime TV; Jeremy Kyle used to be in the UK, Jerry Springer in USA, don’t know Oz; and anger distraction; like thrash/punk music, or Guns N’ Roses, with Axl a big Bon fan.
Bon story more of a tragedy, although he did reach the top before falling off the rock n’ roll peak, so not really uplifting for me. For uplifting I listen to dance music such as uplifting house and trance; and now ‘Viking’ music such as Heilung (Healing in English). ‘Viking’ music is often sad and melancholy like Bon lyrics too (but without the humour!), with Solstafir’s Necrologue about a 20-something friend who succumbed like Bon; introduced live here: https://youtu.be/9urJMiTsJB0.
I don’t think it’s an anti-depressant, but it is empathetic, showing those feelings are quite common. I think you either choose to continue on that path, or you leave; often because you just get bored of it, like Sharon said about Ozzy in the Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne docufilm (available on BBC now in UK), and I did: too old to die young (and stay pretty), like Debbie Harry of Blondie sang in the 70s!

Aristotle Adaptation

The sun is greater than the (w)hole of humanity.
My adaptation of the above philosophical idea. It’s only a mental thing, as physically I’m still dependent on humanity supplying food and drink; thanks again to the necessary key workers. It’s for those who think humanity is toxifying their minds, but can’t leave their ‘social group’ because they think it’s ‘normal’; or that they owe it to them or some ‘idea’ or ‘marketed concept’, such as youth or human.

I’ll leave you today, with the t-day anthem:

Guns N’ Roses Bipolar Poem

After thinking this poem up over the last couple of days, inspired by the GNR song title, If the World, I posted it on the mygnr site.

I think it could be widened into Folding Mirror poem, with Everest at the top, the Marianas Trench at the bottom and sea level in the middle, but it’d take time and effort, and it would just be expanding the point already made in this poem, so here it is as I thought of it, with the explanation from the mygnr site underneath.

If the World…
were the human mind
Axl solo climbed Everest
descended Marianas Trench
from the highest peak
to the lowest point
and told his story
with the help
of Guns N’ Roses
musicians and fans –
his fellow explorers.

I adapted If the World‘s title to envision the breadth of Axl’s bipolar mind, using our planet’s geography as a metaphoric landscape canvas. Axl’s mind was of course what wrote If the World‘s words, with Chris Pitman also credited. It’s not a favourite song of mine; I just had the idea for the poem from it. The poem can be widened to all those with a bipolar mind. I included fans because I really believe it, although I hope it makes you like it more too… and maybe even me… although I’m not seeking conviviality… maybe a job as a roadie?!

For more amazing poetry, and PhD-standard philosophy, only outdone in amazingness by how unappreciated it is, and crazily at the cheapest price I could set:


Axl and Slash: Angry Nice Boys with Rose Tattoo

A recent episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps focused on Angry Anderson and Rose Tattoo’s influence on L.A. heavy metal.

Although Guns N’ Roses are no longer together, and Axl and Slash no longer nice boys to each other, they still remember Rose Tattoo’s influence on their music, and both jammed Nice Boys with Angry and Rose Tattoo on recent tours:

Link for Amazon book and kindle.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

British Politicians Big Pay Rise and Public Sector Greed

werewolf of oz book cover
Amazon paperback and kindle.

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s the beginning of the weekend, so we think it’s time for the latest thrilling installment of the epic time-travel rock music through the decades with a central role for 1980s trash metal music story within a bigger story, with the bigger story told in Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, which is now available on Amazon and lots of ereaders via Smashwords.

Terminator to Trash Target 

Cover of "The Terminator [Blu-ray]"
Cover of The Terminator [Blu-ray]
In this episode the Grunginator’s target is revealed, as the Terminator‘s target and reasoning were revealed long after it burst into the 1984 movie with gunfire and corny dialogue.

A background theme to the storyline is the demonising of the British working-class by New Labour, which was followed by much of the country until the New Labour and elite society charade was exposed by the economic collapse and widespread corruption.

British Politicians’ Big Pay Rise 

English: Crop of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brow...
English: Crop of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the WEF 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The British political elite are now set to reward their misbehaviour with a pay rise at a much bigger percentage of their wage than most people are receiving; with many workers hardly receiving anything, or taking pay cuts.

I think politicians are underpaid compared to £100,000+ public servants, but that’s because those public servants are grossly overpaid compared to most people and their value to the taxpayer.

The £100,000+ public servants should be taking a pay cut, rather than politicians having an inflation-busting increase to catch up with them!

The Irony of Seasick Steve Success 

English: Seasick Steve, playing at "Where...
English: Seasick Steve, playing at “Where the action is”, a music festival in Stockholm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Around the same time as the British working-class was being attacked to the point of abolition under New Labour’s ‘classless society’ spin, Seasick Steve became a darling of the liberal elite.

This was despite Steve being an American version of the British working-class considered not worthy of funding and defending by some of the new liberal elite; epitomised by Prime-Minister Gordon Brown.

If Seasick Steve had been a British child in the 1950s he might have been sent to Australia like some of the Homes children that inspired the exiling of Grey at the start of this story.

Not that injustices don’t also happen in the American system, and some British people of course receive an acceptance in other countries that they don’t receive in their own.

Anyway, that’s enough seriousness for a fun sun friday in Blighty, and here’s the latest Werewolf of Oz episode, which also stars a good LA rock band that didn’t quite make it big:

Chapter 84.  Love/Hate are Wasted, and the Target is Revealed

The seasick looking guitarist passed us and walked half way down the alley. He had just started singing that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and that he had been born with nothing and still had most of it left, when he was sent flying back past us by a gunshot to the stomach. My shock was compounded moments later when I heard a voice say, ‘We don’t want no old trash in the future.’

Even Dizzy looked surprised. He whispered that he thought the Grunginator was out of control, as it was only programmed to kill trash metal bands; before saying we’d better scarper. So we raced down another alley in the opposite direction, and into a red room.

Meeting Love/Hate suffering a Blackout in the Red Room 

Blackout in the Red Room
Blackout in the Red Room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some musicians were suffering a Blackout in the Red Room; the room had an American decor, so it was obviously Love/Hate. It wasn’t hard to recognise them, as they were famous for getting Wasted in America. We tried to warn them about the Grunginator, but couldn’t awaken them.

A shadow at the door looked ominously like the Grunginator, so we continued running in the other direction, leaving Love/Hate to their fate. A few moments later, we heard several shots ring out in the room we’d just left. I guessed Love/Hate had once again been Wasted.


Angry Revealed as Target 

As we ran down the corridor I glimpsed a billboard poster on the wall. It drew my attention because Angry was featured on it. The poster advertised Angry making a special guest appearance with Guns N’ Roses at the Whiskey a Go-Go. The date had been scratched off, so I asked Dizzy when it was supposed to be happening.

After a few seconds of thought he said, ‘Of course, that’s it, tonight’s the night when Angry inspires the LA metallers; propelling them into the 1990s. It’s the Guns N’ Roses concert with Angry guesting that the Grunginator is programmed to target. We’ve got to escape the Grunginator and get Angry to the concert somehow, or it’ll be all over for trash metal.’

Wow, I thought, our Angry is a rock n’ roll star.



Seasick Steve songs: Started Out With Nothing, You Can’t Teach An Old Dogs New Tricks.
Love/Hate songs: Blackout in the Red Room, Wasted in America.

Smashwords for multiple ereaders.


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Werewolf of Oz Epic Poem of Culture 1960s – 1990s

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s that late midweek nearly weekend time of the week, so I think it’s about time for the first episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps

The Beavis and Butt-head Experience
The Beavis and Butt-head Experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This episode sees the epic poetry continue on the road, after the Werewolf of Ozzers leave Geelong and head to Melbourne; although they get rather confused about the latter’s name along the way.

Easy Riders to Eastenders 

This episode might especially appeal to film and television fans from 1960s cult biker movie Easy Riders to Eastenders fans of Kathy Beale (1985 – 2000).

In-between, we have a little Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd, Beevis and Butthead and Lara Croft. Enjoy!


We picked ourselves out of the gutter
without hardly a mutter,
but I did let loose a sigh,
as to Geelong Goodbye
we waved a long goodbye.

‘Where do we go now?’
Bonzo asked somehow,
sounding like a fine wine
sweet child o’ mine.

I said Melbourne was just north
and from this moment henceforth
we should call it Gillian Taylforth.

‘Onwards to Gillian Taylforth then,
the time is already half past ten,’
cried Angry with zest n’ zen.

A piper from the gate of lights
led us north to Hamlyn Heights
before a nice chap called Cornholio
showed us the way to Corio.

Lara gave us a lift to Avalon
where we joined the M1,
Cocoroc was a tasty aural treat
listening to music while you eat.



Gillian Taylforth (British actress).
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn was the first Pink Floyd album.
Sweet Child O’ Mine is a Guns N’ Roses song.
Cornholio is a Beavis alter-ego in the Beavis and Butthead cartoon.
Avalon is a Lara Croft film.


werewolf of oz book cover

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Escape Margaret Thatcher 1980s Memories to London Fashion Spring/Summer 2013

Hi, it’s Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, comedy-satire fashionista suprema @ Greenygrey central, with influences including Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld and Bruno. Yesterday saw the passing away of Margaret Thatcher, Prime-Minister of Britain during the 1980s, when Marc Latham was a youth. Marc was a  scruffy socialist at the time, totally opposing the attack on the unions by Thatcher. Oxymoronically, he did also dream of escaping to LA: to live a life of heady hedonism with Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue on the beaches and in the clubs of the acutely capitalist City of Angels.

Mixing Politics and Fashion

I think I know how Marc felt this morning, as I mixed listening to the divided bitter opinion about Margaret Thatcher with forming this post about the united happy London Fashion Week Spring/Summer collection 2013; like a DJ using two decks!

In digression, is genius at its essence simply the mixing and connecting of two seemingly unrelated data, materials or issues?

And today’s blog is now of course in line with yesterday’s poetry post about mixing depressing news with escapism, in line with Greenygrey theory.

The Greenygrey has looked for the meaning of everything in the human world, and at the moment thinks the answer is to be found more in fashion than politics.

Returning to London Fashion Week Spring/Summer

Returning to London Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2013 show was a real trip down memory lane; a lane that felt unlit when first found. After entering the highlights, I couldn’t relocate the spring/summer collection at first, and thought it might not be there any more!

But then my logical mind kicked in, and I thought it must still be there, what with spring having briefly returned to the UK on the weekend. Then I saw the little arrow next to Autumn/Winter 2013, and found my way!!

London Fashion Week Research Method

Having found my way on the path to fashionable spring/summer 2013 I then had to decide a research method, as there were so many great greenygrey and other outfits.

So I decided to choose the first great greenygrey outfit, rather than plough my way through them all. However, after I had chosen Day 4s outfit, Daisy Lowe‘s cool rock chic look enticed me into the video highlights, and I noticed a great greenygrey number by Burberry Prorsum (reminding me of the great Dame Edna, a lover of possums and star of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps), so I included that too. Then I noticed we didn’t have any blonde models, and I didn’t want to be accused of blondism, so I included a blonde model from Day 4 too; making Day 4 rather hectic!!!

London Fashion Week Recognises Great Greenygrey

The video highlights also alerted me to how much Ab Fab greenygrey there was at the fashion show too; including on the logo and catwalk. So I quickly snapped up a couple of images to introduce the post.

Wow, this was intended to be a quick easy blog, and has turned into something of an epic. Anyway, although there was a lot more greenygrey on view, that’s all for now, and on with the show:

fashion spring2
Greenygrey starring in the London Fashion Week Design!


Greenygrey on the catwalk made the Day 5 video highlights!
Greenygrey on the catwalk made the Day 5 video highlights!

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 1

Antoni and Alison

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 2

Huishan Zhang

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 3

Holly Fulton

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 4

Peter Pilotto

Burberry Prorsum

Michael van der Ham

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 5


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Queen’s Humble Inspires a non-Grumble, only Werewolf of Oz

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. As our dear leader, Citizen Queen, said she was humbled by all the crowds for her diamond jubilee, we are humbled by all your visits to our website. While we consider the Queen as one ordinary woman, she has led an extraordinary and resilient life, so we think she has done a good job, and is a great role model and figurehead… although there are many other such women around the UK, and some also have to struggle to survive in cold winters.

As for people being put off visiting Blighty by the greenygrey weather over the Jubilee weekend, I don’t think so. Most people I talked to abroad seem to think Britain is foggy, cold and wet, so any visitors probably think any hot sunny weather is a surprise bonus.

English: Codale Tarn A mixed day of sunshine a...
English: Codale Tarn A mixed day of sunshine and cloud as this photo illustrates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People don’t visit chilly Iceland for a beach holiday, flat Netherlands for mountains or landlocked Switzerland for cruises. Britain has much to offer, and is a relatively safe location between Mediterranean earthquakes and Arctic volcanoes, but hot sunny weather is not high on the list.

English: Balloon over Grumble Hall
English: Balloon over Grumble Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Werewolf of Oz reaches Latham

Anyway, it’s beginning to sound more grumble than humble, so here’s some more Werewolf of Oz:


I left Lassie in limbo; between saving me and the next lucky one. I waved back at my hero-dog as I left Collie and headed out on the road to Latham. I walked for hours, but never really felt like I was getting nearer: like some things you just can’t reach.

Strother Martin
Strother Martin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also passed signs for a more direct route to Perth on the way, and wondered if I’d made the right decision; but Latham did sound somewhat interesting.

Walking All Over Latham

I decided to shapeshift into an emu, and the decision did not seem bird-brained, as I at last felt like I was getting somewhere. I reached Latham without knowing it in the end, because the welcome sign said MAHTAL rather than LATHAM, like in some kind of a mirror effect. My bird-brain surprised me when it worked it out before reaching the town centre. I shifted back into human shape soon after.

The town seemed nice when I got inside, with lots of people happily playing sports and doing fun things in forested parks and pristine lakes.

However, then I crossed the tracks and it didn’t seem as rosy over the other side, with lots of people surviving in the sewers and slaving in sweat shops; this not surprisingly led to a rather depressing atmosphere. I felt more at home on this side of the tracks funnily enough. I think Green would have preferred the other.

Twentieth-Century British People Used as Forced Labour

A ball fell into my path, and I kicked it back to its owners. We got talking, and after I told them of my exiling experience they said they could relate to it, as they had been promised Oranges and Sunshine before being sent away as child migrants fifty years ago.


They said they had been used as forced labour, which was something I thankfully hadn’t had to endure. Life had improved for them now, and they took me to their local pub for lunch. I found it difficult to leave; not having anywhere else to go.

I awoke on the edge of town.



In Cool Hand Luke there is a famous quote including the line ‘Some men you just can’t reach’. It was later used by Guns N’ Roses to introduce their Civil War song.
Oranges and Sunshine tells the story of poor British ‘Home Children’ being sent from the UK to suffer abuse and forced labour in Commonwealth countries from the 1860s to 1970s. They were promised bright futures before leaving.


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