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Parody Satire wordplay COMEDY

Negotiating with my mega Hollywood agent; recommended by H&M, no less; I said: ‘without me there would be no more comedy!’.
He turned around to me and shouted, ‘Without me there would be no co-me-dy at all!!’
I said, ‘Okay Cody, pipe down!!!’
Co-me-dy, get it!?

The above was an example of a shenel; my wordplay, as well as parody comedy.

meghan markle ‘victim’ debunked

After spontaneously criticising Meghan and Harry’s ‘unconscious bias’ claim, I thought I’d follow it up with some evidence, and found the last sentence in this article’s #4 list section very relevant:

‘4. They will claim to be the victim.
Another part of a master manipulator’s arsenal is to turn the narrative on its head and claim that they are the actual victim. They will make their target feel as if they are in the wrong.’

So all critics of Meghan are in the wrong, because of our unconscious bias, and she was the victim of white UK, even though she was given everything on a plate (her wedding, charity patronage, luxury estate, Vogue cover etc), but was still determined to make it into a ‘race issue’ she could sell in Hollywood, after unveiling her child in South Africa with an anti-white-race veteran!

Dr. Marc Latham’s books on Amazon.

Reasons not to Blog, although Positives Too

Blogging has been great, but I’m quite bored of it now, and don’t think it’s got much use in a country and world that seems to have gone more polarised and fragmented. That seemed quite well summed up by an article I just read claiming a mural of Trump and Putin kissing was homophobic!

I started to give up when Avatar was called white racism, when I’d left the cinema thinking it was racist against whites!

British liberals including women and gays under the rainbow umbrella hate me because I criticise women/gays-hating Muslims, and their worship of a prophet who had a single-figures bride, resulting in many children being imprisoned in brothels; including environmentalists who hate me for not wanting an open borders immigration policy that can only result in more energy use and toxic pollution.

And then they wonder why people like me start to support Trump and Putin!

1.-Used Against You

In the modern media world anything can be twisted against you. As a heterosexual working-class white man (yes I am to all the homophobic anti-semites who want to think differently; especially those egotistical narcissists who claim me as an admirer; or the bullying grooming leaders who portray me as must be being gay because I don’t act like them!) I know I’m up against it, with the Establishment and lefties supporting everybody against you, and twisting anything good you try to do into bad – such as defending our demographic, country and environment being ‘racist’.

2.-Used by Others

The world is full of people using other people’s ideas. All my concepts and artistic creations were original and mine, although as a satirist I used other people’s materials as the inspiration and foil for my work. I thought the Kenco advert might have been inspired by my coffilosophy concept, and have no way of knowing if it was.

Maybe they think they have the right, after I appropriated adverts featuring greenYgrey for my greenYgrey concept satirical comedy, which I did hope would elevate it to superstardom!

I joked about it though, as Keith Lemon does in his new series, Coming in America. However, I was also influenced by people like Sacha Baron Cohen, who has a new series, Who is America? Ironically, I found Lemon’s funnier than Cohen’s now, although the latter has more humanities and social science interest, in line with my academic studies.

Neither have used possibly my best catchphrase yet though: ‘Every morning I have to wake up knowing I could be in the mansion.’ That was after joking I was Hefner’s heir, but then he sold it from under me, leaving me all at sea, as I am now.

Having read Guns N’ Roses members Steve, Duff and Slash’s autobiographies, and seeing the A Tale of Two Coreys movie yesterday, I guess Hollywood wouldn’t have been too good for me in my twenties, especially the way I was, trying to live the rock n’ roll dream, but who knows, it seems to have worked for many Brit ex-pats.

3.-Many Markets Want Original Work

Many markets also want original work, even including blogging materials as a reason not to accept work; especially markets that are online themselves.

I wrote and blogged openly and without big expectations or conditions, in line with the counter-culture ethos of free and open ideas and knowledge, a desire to share my mind with the world, and to support my ’causes’ of human and animal welfare, and the environment; which I think are interlinked.

I am a bit disappointed that my ideas and work haven’t propelled me to superstardom, especially when I hear lots of drivel spoken and published.

Finally, Blondie BumbleBee not Burberry

While I may be ending my fading hopes for being a middle-aged model (one of the reasons I included a Stella McCartney character, as I also support her meat-free history; although her fashion products are quite expensive) I thought the revelation that Burberry burn clothes rather than discount them, shows that classism is alive and still accepted – which is unavoidable when you have the royal family (although I have mellowed in my views, as the Queen has done a great job, and most of the others seem nice, but I prefer Andrew’s accuser to him, and Cressida to Meghan!).

It would be nice to see the rich elites boycotting Burberry for its class prejudice, as they seem to take a stand against ‘racism’, but I don’t think they will.

I say support Blondie’s Pollinator Bee over Burberry, helping to save the environment while also taking a stand against class/wealth prejudice!


Lassie, Animals and Eagles help Werewolf escape California

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s Monday morning, and after catching up with the weekend web world we can’t be bothered creating anything new, so here’s a fantastic Werewolf of Oz episode, making up for the last one, which was rather unsubstantial. Grey likes this one too, after the last one brought back bad memories.

P.S. Including all the images has taken up more time and brainpower than envisaged, leaving us feeling quite drained! And still an hour or two ’til lunchtime…


Lassie, Lassie, is that you Lassie? I was in turmoil, and Lassie was bouncing around my mind like it leapt along mountain passes when at its Hollywood peak. Lassie, Lassie, where are you leading me? Lassie, Lassie, what are you trying to tell me? Lassie, Lassie, can I trust you, or are you a false guide?

Lassie (1994 film)
Lassie (1994 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Animals tell me to Leave Latham

My mind saw Lassie in a musical band with other animals I’d met on my journey. The Hollywood dog was on vocals; Vombat the wombat on guitar; Digger the dingo on bass, and Dolly the dolphin on drums.

The Animals
Cover of The Animals

When I heard them singing We Just Gotta Get Out Of This Place I thought there was a message in there somewhere, but I couldn’t quite grasp it… until I got it… Lassie was trying to lead me out of Latham.

Lassie’s Message not Nonsense

Lassie’s message inspired me to crawl out of bed and attempt to leave. I was shocked to see the foyer was full of my lookalikes. I asked one how long it had been here. It said it arrived one day after me. Was it the one I saw having the same experience as me? I couldn’t tell. I asked another. It said it arrived two days after me. Yes, the next one said three days after me.

I guessed the next one would say four days, but didn’t want to investigate further; I just wanted to leave. I stumbled toward the door. It opened first time to my relief and surprise. I emerged into sunshine having escaped Latham’s Hotel California.

The same Eagles that had led me to the hotel were flying above. Didn’t the Eagles band sing about not being able to leave a Hotel California? It was quite a coincidence if they did.

I found the road leading in a northerly direction and started walking. The Eagles seemed to follow me. It looked a long road out of Latham, but after a few hours I could see the town no more.

Long Road Out of Eden
Long Road Out of Eden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Animals and song (We Just Gotta Get Out of this Place).
Eagles and song (Long Road out of Eden).


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Meeting Darwin and Humpty Doo was a Classic Episode

Hi, it’s Grey. I’ve been editing the book again today, as usual, and it seems to be shaping up well for next week’s release. I’m not finding much I want to change any more. I was just reading about our time in the Kakadu park, and meeting whistler duck called Darwin, and the extraordinary creature known as a Humpty Doo; I told you about it before on the Werewolf of Oz. I didn’t know at the time that Darwin and Humpty Doo are both places in the Northern Territories. I thought you might like to see the finished version of that episode, which is chapter 25 in the book, so without further ado, here it is for you to view:


We departed Nitmiluk in the morning, warmly encased in our BOGOL jumpers. Bonzo said he felt limitlessly lucky, and there were no limits to our progress on the path as we reached the Kakadu National Park in no time.

Nice Surprise at Alligator Wildman

Bonzo and I freshened up at the waterfall where the Wildman and Alligator rivers met, as we didn’t fancy meeting the Wildman or Alligator on their own; our consensus theory was that they’d be too pre-occupied with each other at the waterfall to take any notice of us.

We were just emerging from the water when an extraordinary looking creature arrived on the beach. Its head reminded me of my ol’ hero Scooby Doo, but it seemed to have an egg body like that of Humpty Dumpty.

It was accompanied by a duck that always seemed to be whistling.

Ready for the Quack I Do in Kakadu?

The duck approached us and whistled, ‘Hello, I am Dr. Darwin, a local whistler duck quack, and this is my friend, the Humpty Doo, who also lives nearby. We have ventured east to Kakadu hoping to discover new species. We thought you might be of some interest, but we have concluded that you are both old species. Although there hasn’t been a werewolf seen in these parts for many a century.’

I returned the greeting, and thanked them for their interest, before saying I’d never seen a Humpty Doo before. Dr. Darwin said Humpty was an interesting creature, and he wasn’t sure how he’d evolved; it was ongoing research, but his theory on the origin of species was that the Humpty Doo was descended from an English civil war rhyme and a Hollywood cartoon dog.

So maybe I was right. I was excited, and asked if it really believed this. For the first time it did not whistle its opinion; instead it did quack, ‘I do.’



Darwin and Humpty Doo are Northern Territories towns.
Scooby Doo (cartoon dog).
Humpty Dumpty (English civil war nursery rhyme character).
Charles Darwin (19th century scientist, and his book: On The Origin of Species).

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