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Hubble Space Poem Trilogy 2: Ant Nebula

The second most popular image taken by the Hubble telescope is of the Ant Nebula. The image seems to mirror vertically as a white dwarf at the centre shoots out high velocity outflows.

The Ant Nebula Seems to Mirror Vertically

Poem Explanation

In line with the vertical mirroring, I created the poem as a triptych (thanks Caroline). The letters and words are formatted with the white dwarf and flowing colours in mind. The Ant Nebula (Menzel3 or MZ3) is in the Norma constellation, and that explains the title. The white dwarf is a dying star about the same size as our sun; it is supposed to last in that state for 25,000 years.

I created the poem on Word, Paint and Photo Impact.

The Poem

Norma’s White Dwarf Colour Composer

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*WDCC = White Dwarf Colour Composer

Planetary Nebula and Space Photo Colours Info