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Poem about Surviving: Display and Concealment

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem needs no introduction.
If you follow the tale
to the end of the tail,
you may get the idea
but you might also fail.
Latham's Snipe at the Jerrabomberra Wetlands, ...
Latham’s Snipe at the Jerrabomberra Wetlands, ACT, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tale of the Weakness Tail
predators are circling
looking for
easy meals
only show weakness
grown out
of you
wag tail like dog, dispose a la gecko
sing happy
flying free
survival is strength
learn life
looking out
while enjoying views
Willy wag tail
Willy wag tail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk)

Poem looks for Meaning in Reflection and Shadow

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem uses reflection and shadow to reflect on shades of the unknown.  And here it is:

As each second of the present passes…
standing facing the sun
not under or above
reflection rolling in reservoir
a vision of future or past
is there clarity amongst ripples
on the surface of the deep
past distorted ahead, future hidden behind
look both ways to seek truth
turn around for another angle
I stretch nearly to the horizon
shadow sinks just short
no heaven or hell
blank image of unknown
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk)

Folding Mirror Poem to be Published in May

Photomontage showing what a complete iceberg m...
Image via Wikipedia
There was more good news for the Folding Mirror form this week when Every Day Poets announced that a new Marc Latham FM poem, See Below Sea, would be published on May 17th.  The site requests first internet rights, so it has not been published here yet, but will be afterwards.  Marc Latham has donated the payment back to the site.
Here is the full EDP May calendar:
May’s Table of Contents
May 1
A J Smith
The Last May
May 2
Rumjhum Biswas
Poetry on a Clear Day
May 3
James Graham
Meerkat Poem
May 4
Theodore E. Hovey
Sleeping Beauty
May 5
Charles W. Kiley III
Metrical Assay: Quatrain Dactylic Tetrameter
May 6
A Keith Walters
Sea Kissed Sandcastles
May 7
Laura Dennis
A Mother’s Prerogative
May 8
Kate Gander
Mother’s Day Confetti
May 9
Marina Lee Sable
May 10
Neil Willis
Portrait of a Man with a Book
May 11
Greg Schwartz
after dinner
May 12
Nicky Phillips
May 13
Marion Clarke
May 14
Jerry Kraft
Downtown Issaquah
May 15
Jennifer Walmsely
May 16
Natalie McNabb
The Best Bite
May 17
Marc Latham
See Below Sea
May 18
Jeff Jeppesen
The Axis Mundi
May 19
Sara Bickley
May 20
Jim Hatfield
Signer and the Song
May 21
Robert Liska
Disaster, Disaster, Disaster
May 22
Your Dance
May 23
Ed Pereira
You are US
May 24
Lucie M Winborne
Remembering Miss Emily
May 25
Vincent O’Connor
Eileen Sipping
May 26
Heather Holland Wheaton
May 27
CD Sinex
Leaving Home
May 28
Peter Massiah
Amy’s Morning
May 29
V. Leon
Valediction (In Cut Time)
May 30
Richard M. O’Donnell
Graffiti Metropolis
May 31
Necessary Phone Calls

Poem about Middle-Age and Climbing Over the Hill

Two islands to the north west of continental E...
Image via Wikipedia
Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem is another jolly affair (joke). It is also quite topical, with work sparse in the UK and many middle-age jobless people said to be finding it hard to find work.
Marc Latham is himself middle-aged and not doing very well financially, so hopefully the poem won’t incur the wrath of his fellow poor middle-aged.
Marc couldn’t resist the greenygrey map by the way!
The structure provides something new in that it is to be read from the bottom up, in line with its title and content being about climbing over the hill, with ‘over the hill’ a common phrase to describe people being past it in the UK.
Climbing Over the Hill
Line 9
relax, relax, relax
Line 8
lounge, lounge, lounge
Line 7
survive, survive, survive
Line 6
not wanted, salvage anything, no joy
Line 5
Line 4
hold on, grab something, don’t fall
Line 3
strive, strive, strive
Line 2
work, work, work
Line 1
climb, climb, climb