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white christmas white friday: no big savings honesty, but cold showers may?!

If you haven’t bought greenYgrey yet, there’s been no better time… or worse! Here’s a few Facebook general environmental/political thoughts that have nothing to do with XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, the book I think you should buy this Christmas, to give the gift of greenYgrey!

Winter Cold/Hot Showers

When I started taking cold showers for the environment (energy and water use) two springs ago I’d turn the shower on twice, as I turned it off while I soaped.

I thought that was using up energy, so now I use cold water from the tap, via an old big plastic milk carton, to wet; then soap; and then turn the shower on to rinse: with hot water now in winter!

I think it’s also making me healthier and stronger (internally and mentally), in line with the Wim Hof method (no link or contact to me!), who’s furthered medical knowledge of humanity by experimenting on himself.


A vegan only cancels out themselves. If they bring one meat-eater into the country they cancel out their ‘good’. 2 meat-eaters and they cause twice as much meat-eating as a meat-eater who doesn’t support mass immigration! And so it goes up, 3, 5, 10, 100, 1000…

If I give up on green environmentalism it’ll be giving up on humanity and the planet, rather than what I think is right and good; if animals are just going to die by plastic/climate_change, then they might as well be eaten!

I’m still ‘just’ a vegetarian. Many have become vegans since I started, and many have stopped; many ‘influencers’, ‘writers’ and ‘journalists’ rewarded with big financial paydays for their brief soirees into non-meat eating! I salute the vegans who’ve stuck at it.

While ‘trendy vegans’ may have done animals a little good in their much publicised time, they’ve probably done more harm than good overall, as people will think the whole movement is ‘fake’ or ‘unhealthy’.

Especially if they’re flying around everywhere, and supporting open borders immigration!

Immigration and Environmental Destruction

There’s no good and evil about immigration, as some like to claim about those who want to restrict it; just different ways to look at a world that is massively overpopulated; and that is probably suffering environmental destruction and mass extinction because of it.

I consider myself indigenous to Britain and an environmentalist. In other countries those two go together, but in the UK and Europe they are usually on different sides of politics, with those who consider themselves ‘indigenous’ considered ‘nationalistic’ and ‘right-wing’, while environmentalists are usually on the left.

I know the ‘indigenous’ I’m referring to are usually in the minority, but ‘white Britons/Europeans’ are projected to be a minority in the near future… and especially if the left/Greens get their way and open up the borders!

We’re having a White Christmas Friday Charity Match at the greenYgrey, I’ve already given much more to charity than earned through royalties (or articles etc pay), but any sales of XaW Files until Christmas will be fully matched with extra charity donations, added to my regular ones to Guide Dogs, Dogs Trust and British Legion. I’m also a lifetime member of the Woodland Trust, offsetting book paper!

Unethical corporates playing politics… for profit?! UNILEVER AND meghan markle!!

I thought it was a bit rich (pun intended) Unilever (via Ben and Jerry) playing politics when they’ve always been considered one of the most unethical companies; such as by Ethical Consumer. Here’s an off the cuff first draft and second morning-after edit I posted on Facebook.

Corporates and anarchists united!? More people = more profit = more eco destruction = short term outlook = like eating fattening ice cream instead of dieting!!
Ethical consumer very critical of them, for using palm oil and lowest possible rating on animal testing!!!
One of the companies to boycott now trying to be all PR; maybe using same as Meghan!!!!

My reaction to Ben and Jerry (Unilever really, B+J is just their nice brand face to sell more!) criticism of UK immigration policy was an off the cuff first draft.
If Unilever’s immigration policy resembles B+J ice-cream (fat instant hit, bad for the body later), a more reasoned sensible and thoughtful policy is like eating slow-burning carbs, such as a banana.
Unilever stand for no control and discipline, while what they criticise is like a well balanced diet!

I think I could be a top Hollywood PR now, like my namesake Sara, who’s heading Meghan Markle PR; which seems similarly hypocritical to Unilever! I tried taking the more ethical route of exposing and criticising PR, but now the ‘left’ seems to be putting population before planet… led by these corporate PR campaigns and the ‘new consumers’!!


Whites/women should protest to BBC… and ITV!? Don’t know about other channels, but expect they were same! Multicultural Fascism is worse than I expected! This is what I wanted to study in university 15 years ago, after graduating with a PhD, but was stopped by their man at the BBC!!

The Wesley Streete-Keeley Bunker story I wrote about yesterday didn’t make the TV news I saw. I watched the evening news of BBC and not on that, so watched ITV too, and neither had the story. I wasn’t expecting that, and thought it was strange, so watched the BBC’s lunchtime news, thinking it was probably on earlier, but no, nothing!

The BBC‘s evening news crime story was a white lorry driver who was using his phone, causing him to crash and accidently cause an accident. The BBC lunchtime news had a long feature about Black Lives Matter male heroes. How ironic! Racist (against whites) and sexist (against women)?

And they wonder why the English Channel’s full of migrants trying to get into the country; mostly young black/brown males from countries and cultures with the worst rape records!!

My Facebook post upon Street’s conviction: Did Keeley Bunker trust this man because she grew up in the Multicultural Fascism era, where any criticism of men like Wesley Streete has been jumped on as ‘racist’!

How to argue with anti-white racists 5

Modern slavery is still most prevalent in Africa, as it was before whites colonised it, as seen in this map of modern slavery on Wikipedia.

Britain has been free of legal slavery for over 200 years, and Europe for 150.

However, due to mass immigration over the last twenty-three years since the Blair government opened Britain up, there has been a massive increase in illegal modern slavery.

Moreover, a lot of that has been of white British people, groomed into slavery due to their neglect and poverty by their own government!

Suffragette Film Inspires Feminist Mirror Poem

I watched the film Suffragette last night, and it invigorated my support for the feminist movement – to equality and beyond, paraphrashing Buzz Lightyear; the beyond does not mean superiority over men, just equality in society, and then beyond for the mind, as I think having equality and freedom will inspire developments in the mind; the same as for men fighting free of slavery and class.

Poetry of Suffragette City

Suffragette had a middle-aged work boss preying on powerless younger staff, including the protagonist Maud, like ones I saw in my day-job; and a couple of tutors at university, although I don’t know how much the latter were like that, or if it was as much the student/secretary – with the one she got engaged to anyway!

The opening three words of the new poem were inspired by a song that’s embedded underneath the poem. I hoped the 60s to 90s counter-culture would inspire such a time, but at the moment society seems to be going backwards, with the stormy sea policy stopping the reservoir cleaning itself out, and providing the clarity needed for peace and love to prevail.

A beautiful Italian woman was killed and dismembered by an immigrant recently. I only heard about it because it sent a local man mad, and he went on a ‘racist’ shooting spree. I don’t condone the latter’s actions, but both the woman and man are victims of the European immigration policy over the last twenty years, which has fuelled thousands of deaths, local and migrant, and many more rapes and robberies of European nationals trying to live normal lives in the only homes they know.

I know the old problems for women are still instilled in British and most European societies. We really don’t need a new wave of sexism, and one that is even more brutal than the one the Suffragettes fought against a century ago! German women have started a new #120db feminist movement specifically targeting the new wave of sexism caused by immigration.

Suffragette Maud, Made Suffering

Age of Love, floating in space
soft as silk, lost in lace
beautiful women, natural harmonising
if society is cloud, they are silver lining

sunshine provides neurons spark, some kept in dark

locked away under key, never realising their potentiality
imprisoned minds, brainwashed mentality
only know containment, narrow mind factors
Stockholm Syndrome victims, supporting their captors