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Whites/women should protest to BBC… and ITV!? Don’t know about other channels, but expect they were same! Multicultural Fascism is worse than I expected! This is what I wanted to study in university 15 years ago, after graduating with a PhD, but was stopped by their man at the BBC!!

The Wesley Streete-Keeley Bunker story I wrote about yesterday didn’t make the TV news I saw. I watched the evening news of BBC and not on that, so watched ITV too, and neither had the story. I wasn’t expecting that, and thought it was strange, so watched the BBC’s lunchtime news, thinking it was probably on earlier, but no, nothing!

The BBC‘s evening news crime story was a white lorry driver who was using his phone, causing him to crash and accidently cause an accident. The BBC lunchtime news had a long feature about Black Lives Matter male heroes. How ironic! Racist (against whites) and sexist (against women)?

And they wonder why the English Channel’s full of migrants trying to get into the country; mostly young black/brown males from countries and cultures with the worst rape records!!

My Facebook post upon Street’s conviction: Did Keeley Bunker trust this man because she grew up in the Multicultural Fascism era, where any criticism of men like Wesley Streete has been jumped on as ‘racist’!

BBC Peeks into POPolution

Back on October 25th I wrote the BBC seemed to be ignoring the POPolution, with the POP part standing for: PinkyOrangePurple. Then, in mid November I was fortunate to be out under a POP twilight sky and posted some photos on this site’s sister site, travel25years; as they seemed more travelly than poetry.

BBC Focuses on PinkyPurple – Indigo

Today I saw the BBC had a focus on the twilight skies being particularly pink and purple this week. I don’t know if they have been particularly bright, or if it’s just them catching up with the POPolution! The other big terrestrial provider of local news, ITV, also had some great POP photos on their news yesterday, so maybe it was a special one.

Whichever reason, there’s some great photos anyway from the BBC‘s Weather Watchers, who’ve been very busy POPing POP pictures:

This dark bright pink the article was mainly about does seem more vivid than most:


This one is a classic POP picture, with all the PinkyOrangePurple colours, with the yellow sun rays orangeing in parts, the blue sky and grey cloud purpling and white clouds pinkying:

Inkberrow in Worcestershire

I’m writing another blog post updating the POPolution on travel25years now.