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Tony Benn and Miners’ Strike, Grado and Rebecca Rock

Tony Benn passed away this morning. He was another legendary socialist from a classic period of politics. This week also marked the 30th anniversary of the miners’ strike, which was a landmark event in the creation of today’s Britain. A day before I watched a miners’ strike documentary I watched one about Glasgow’s Insane Fight Club wrestling shows. Together, they inspired a lot of greenygrey thinking.

Miners’ Strike and Modern Glasgow 

Tony Benn and Giles Fraser speaking at Levelle...
Tony Benn and Giles Fraser speaking at Levellers’ Day, Burford. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s Jeremy Paxwerewolf, political television correspondent in the Greenygrey world based on the style of Jeremy Paxman in the human. Probably the biggest link between the two documentaries spanning thirty years of working-class life was the struggle to survive and make a decent living.

While in the 1980s most working-class people worked in industries, and were happy to just work their shift and enjoy their free time, the Britain of today doesn’t provide such jobs in the same amounts it did before manufacturing and industry were neglected.

Grado wrestling website.

So now working-class people often have to try and create their own jobs, and this is what the Glaswegians led by Mark Dallas organising the wrestling events known as Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) are doing… and Marc Latham in the Greenygrey!

Grado and the Greenygrey

You say dreich, I say greenygrey; you say Grado I say Greenygrey.

The Scottish word dreich; meaning a dreary or miserable day, and voted Scotland’s favourite old Scots word in a poll last year; pre-dates the emergence of greenygrey to describe the same kind of day, but with a positive green land spin.

English: Dramatic lighting at Achnasheen The l...
English: Dramatic lighting at Achnasheen The late evening sun bursts through the clouds for just a few seconds to produce this dramatic effect, seen from Achnasheen station’s footbridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With this year’s greenYgrey rebranding the word can also be used to describe a sunny or mixed day, meaning that every day is a greenYgrey day!

However, the Greenygrey website has been established for longer than that of Grado. Grado was the biggest fan of ICW before becoming a wrestler himself. In many ways Grado’s rise to fame as a fan mirrors that of the Greenygrey.

Grado Meets Rebecca Rock

While Grado was mostly a fan of ICW, the Greenygrey is mostly a fan of WWW: women, wolves and working-class.

Rebecca RockThere was a great meeting of two of those when Grado went to the very trendy Nicky Clarke Mayfair salon and met Rebecca Rock, hair colourist and animal welfare advocate.

Unfortunately, there were no wolves present… and Rebecca’s in a relationship, so she has to be classed under unconditional appreciation in the Greenygrey world!

Although it could have been a clash of cultures they all got along fantastically, and had a good laugh.

It was so good it inspired the second Marc Latham Folding Mirror poem of the week, although the seeds of the poem had been planted by Chris Packham‘s Inside the Animal Mind documentary in January. Here’s the poem; there’s a little more explanation over at fmpoetry.wordpress.com:


 Women and Wolves, Different ways Delectable

perfume in air
way you wear
feminine essence
flowing sun hair
smiling eyes
a graceful touch
oozing strength
to be yourself

good humoured woman, wolves love scent

swimming in chanel
rolling euphoria
one shaggy sight
laughing mouth
full coated fur
natural exuberance
lights up life
paws upside down

wolf roll

Marc Latham has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

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Felix Baumgartner’s lost Red Bull Chip, and gained Peace of Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Max Cliffwolf, PR guru at the Greenygrey. I was delighted to see that our cunning PR stunt worked last week, with the Greenygrey appearing on national television with the hero of the week, Felix Baumgartner. After Felix Baumgartner’s totally amazing and awe-inspiring space jump, the Red Bull usually associated with Felix was put out to pasture for a day, thanks to the Greenygrey.

Red Bull GmbH
Red Bull GmbH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Felix Baumgartner’s Flight Ambitions Realised with Space Jump

As the drawing below shows, Felix always wanted to do amazing flights, and he might have had a chip on his shoulder if he hadn’t been able to accomplish his ambitions.

Instead, in the accompanying photo he has a Red Bull on his shoulder, as well as leg and helmet; the energy drink‘s slogan is of course that ‘Red Bull gives you wings’, so it’s very appropriate.

But Felix wanted to jump from space, and this month accomplished his ultimate ambition with what Marc Latham described as the ‘moon landing moment of my life’.

Felix Baumgartner’s Greenygrey Interview with BBC

And as seen in the photos below, taken from a BBC interview with Jeremy Paxwolf after Felix’s space jump, with the help of my cunning PR stunt, Felix has totally lost his chip, and his Red Bull, and looks totally relaxed with a Greenygrey on his shoulder:

Close-up of Felix and the Greenygrey:

So if the Red Bull slogan is that it ‘gives you wings’, maybe the Greenygrey’s should be that it ‘brings you peace’.

I’m going to send that to the Board of Greenygreyisms. To get a passed greenygreyism on my blog debut would be a dream. I didn’t make a drawing of it though!

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