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Lassie, Animals and Eagles help Werewolf escape California

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s Monday morning, and after catching up with the weekend web world we can’t be bothered creating anything new, so here’s a fantastic Werewolf of Oz episode, making up for the last one, which was rather unsubstantial. Grey likes this one too, after the last one brought back bad memories.

P.S. Including all the images has taken up more time and brainpower than envisaged, leaving us feeling quite drained! And still an hour or two ’til lunchtime…


Lassie, Lassie, is that you Lassie? I was in turmoil, and Lassie was bouncing around my mind like it leapt along mountain passes when at its Hollywood peak. Lassie, Lassie, where are you leading me? Lassie, Lassie, what are you trying to tell me? Lassie, Lassie, can I trust you, or are you a false guide?

Lassie (1994 film)
Lassie (1994 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Animals tell me to Leave Latham

My mind saw Lassie in a musical band with other animals I’d met on my journey. The Hollywood dog was on vocals; Vombat the wombat on guitar; Digger the dingo on bass, and Dolly the dolphin on drums.

The Animals
Cover of The Animals

When I heard them singing We Just Gotta Get Out Of This Place I thought there was a message in there somewhere, but I couldn’t quite grasp it… until I got it… Lassie was trying to lead me out of Latham.

Lassie’s Message not Nonsense

Lassie’s message inspired me to crawl out of bed and attempt to leave. I was shocked to see the foyer was full of my lookalikes. I asked one how long it had been here. It said it arrived one day after me. Was it the one I saw having the same experience as me? I couldn’t tell. I asked another. It said it arrived two days after me. Yes, the next one said three days after me.

I guessed the next one would say four days, but didn’t want to investigate further; I just wanted to leave. I stumbled toward the door. It opened first time to my relief and surprise. I emerged into sunshine having escaped Latham’s Hotel California.

The same Eagles that had led me to the hotel were flying above. Didn’t the Eagles band sing about not being able to leave a Hotel California? It was quite a coincidence if they did.

I found the road leading in a northerly direction and started walking. The Eagles seemed to follow me. It looked a long road out of Latham, but after a few hours I could see the town no more.

Long Road Out of Eden
Long Road Out of Eden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Animals and song (We Just Gotta Get Out of this Place).
Eagles and song (Long Road out of Eden).


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More Laughs than a Tickled Hyena in Latest Werewolf of Oz

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We can’t be bothered creating anything new, so here’s the next thrilling episode of the classic epic comedy-fantasy Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.


The Collie twins whispered amongst themselves, before telling me they thought my story sounded suspicious. They had heard of the legendary Greenygreys, but one hadn’t been seen in these parts for many a century, and they had never heard of one dividing into Green and Grey.

I was starting to think the game was up, but then the Shetland sheepdog I’d seen earlier returned.

Saved by a Hero

It introduced itself as Lassie, and said that with its fantastic hearing ability it had overheard part of our conversation. Lassie then got me off the hook by telling the Collies that it recognised me as one half of the Greenygrey from I’m A Celebrity Werewolf…Get Me Out of Here. It had been studying the programme on the Full Moon Satellite Channel for a part in an upcoming film, so had taken particular notice.

I then realised it was THE Lassie, legendary Hollywood star. I felt full-on  flabbergastation to have met a fellow celebrity way out in the outback; to be saved by a dog that I’d admired for so long because of its saving ability was like a dream come true.


Lassie (2005 film)
Lassie (2005 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Colin and Ollie relaxed once Lassie had saved the day,
and welcomed me to Collie with tails awaggay,
I shapeshifted back, slowly fading to Grey,
we entered the town, with Lassie leading the way.

Collie is Proud of its Colliering

I saw at once how proud Collie is of its colliering. While many of their buns are exported to Bunbury, they also keep enough to feed all the Collie collies.

Lassie took me to some of the finest bunneries Collie has to offer, and we feasted on bunches of buns. I think my favourite was the collar bone collie bun, which was the shape of a collar bone, and came in several different sizes; such as collie, wolf and human.

In the afternoon, we visited the Wellington National Park for a scenic forest and river walk. I was surprised it was so green, and that of course reminded me of my Green other half. I hoped ol’ Green was still okay back home. We frequented the Bunfields Museum in the evening, where there were bun-mining exhibits going back centuries.

Lassie provided shelter that night, and as we chatted until late my plans changed. I’d said I was heading to Perth next, but Lassie suggested I detour to the small town of Latham, which it considered quite interesting.

The name reminded me of our ol’ partner, Marc Latham, so I thought I’d take Lassie’s advice. It’s funny how travel plans can change overnight. Well, maybe not that funny; in humorous terms anyway. Sometimes I forget this is supposed to be a comedy!


Laughing cat
Laughing cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A collie laughing all over
A collie laughing all over (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Mesto Laughing
English: Mesto Laughing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A scene of Felix "laughing" from &qu...
A scene of Felix "laughing" from "Felix in Hollywood" (1923). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Laughing Buddha on Feilai Feng in Hangzhou
The Laughing Buddha on Feilai Feng in Hangzhou (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The town of Collie has a coalfields museum.
I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (reality television show).


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Grey’s Anatomy Plot Features Lassie and Babe the Pig

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Here’s the latest episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, now available in all its wacky quest glory on Amazon.


The barking grew louder as I continued toward town, and then Collie came into view through the hazy heat. I thought I’d take the hint and shapeshift into a collie; choosing a border shape from a surprisingly large choice. When I’d completed the shift, Grey’s anatomy had changed to black and white.

Promotional poster
Promotional poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Famous Collies on the Edge of Town

As I reached Collie, a Shetland sheepdog rushed past carrying a lassie over its shoulders; it looked like a daring rescue was underway.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 15:  CBS News correspond...
HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 15: CBS News correspondent Bill Geist and starlet Lassie attend the CBS News correspondent Bill Geist Hollywood Walk Of Fame Induction Ceremonyon April 15, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

A babey pig then flew over my head squealing, ‘Fly – Fly’; followed by another border collie running along underneath.

Babe: Pig in the City
Babe: Pig in the City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meeting the Collie Twins: Colin and Ollie

When I reached the edge of Collie I was met by a couple of dogs guarding the town entrance.

They asked who I might be,
I replied a border collie,
as it should be plain to see.
And who may thee be,
I did respondee.

The bearded one said their names were Colin and Ollie McNab: respected and renowned around these parts as the Collie twins. They said their mother is an Australian stumpy tail cattle dog collie, and their recently departed father was part McNab shepherd collie and part bearded collie.

A three-year-old Bearded Collie in Scotland.
A three-year-old Bearded Collie in Scotland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I said it was a pleasure to make their acquaintance.

They apologised for putting me under scrutiny, before explaining that Collie was a big bun-mining town; supplying Bunbury with most of its buns. The benefits of living on top of such a bountiful basement were unfortunately a double-edged sword, as the bun bonanza also attracted desperados desperate to get their meddlesome mitts on the munchable minerals that can be moulded into muffins without needing a Midas touch.

Deutsch: Minikrentenbollen Nederlands: Minikre...
Deutsch: Minikrentenbollen Nederlands: Minikrentenbollen, minibolletje met rozijnen en krenten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grey’s Anatomy Plot Exposed

The Collie twins sniffed around my person with sensitive security. I was a little nervous, and this escalated into panic when Colin asked how long I had been a collie.

I didn’t want to fib to such fine upstanding collies, so I explained my situation: how I had shapeshifted into a collie after hearing the barking and seeing the town was called Collie.

I waited with bated breath for the Collie response.



lassie – slang for female.
Grey’s Anatomy (TV series).
Babe (
film about a pig).
Lassie (
dog series and film).



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